5 Quick Exercises to Tone Your Arms

Little time to exercise? Shape up with a speedy 10-minute workout from the experts at our sister publication, Fitness magazine. You just need a 4- to 8-pound medicine ball for this quick workout that targets arms, but tones shoulders and abs, too.

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  • Propped Push-Up

    This move targets back, chest, triceps, abs

    Start on all fours (knees under hips, back flat), both palms pressing into ball positioned directly below chest, fingers pointed toward floor. Extend legs behind you and balance on toes so that you form a straight line from head to heels, with feet about 2 feet apart.

    Bend elbows to lower chest toward ball, keeping arms by sides, abs engaged, and back flat. Exhale as you push back up, straightening arms.

    Do 8 reps. Rest 60 seconds; repeat.

  • Smash-Down

    This move targets shoulders, back triceps, and abs.

    Stand with feet shoulder- width apart, holding ball with both hands in front of thighs, abs engaged.

    • Keeping shoulders down, swing ball up and slightly behind head, bending elbows, as you lift heels off floor and stand on tiptoes.

    • Forcefully swing ball down, lowering heels to floor and bending knees in a slight squat. Return to stand.

    Do 15 reps. Rest for 30 seconds; repeat.

  • Star Pass

    This move targets shoulders, back, abs, obliques, and glutes.

    With ball in left hand, extend arms out to sides at shoulder level, palms up.

    Lift right leg straight out to side and lean to left while maintaining balance.

    Lift arms overhead as you lean back to enter, pass ball to right hand and switch legs. Lower arms to shoulder level and lean to right for 1 rep.

    Do 10 reps. Rest for 30 seconds; repeat.

  • Curl and Toss

    This move targets shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, and abs.

    Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding ball in right hand, arms by sides.

    • Curl ball up to right shoulder, keeping elbow by side.

    • Bring left hand to right shoulder and use both hands to lightly toss ball straight up.

    Catch ball with both hands and bring it to left shoulder. Holding ball with left hand, return right arm by side.

    Lower left arm. Repeat curl/ toss on left for 1 rep.

    Do 12 reps, then repeat, going faster with good form.

  • Ball Fly

    This move targets shoulders, chest, and obliques.

    A. Holding ball in right hand, lie faceup with legs lifted, knees bent 90 degrees. Extend arms straight up, directly over shoulders.

    B. Pass ball to left hand and slowly lower left arm straight out to left while lowering bent knees and right arm to right.

    As soon as right arm touches floor, bring legs and arms back to center. Pass ball to right hand and repeat on other side for 1 rep.

    Do 10 reps. Rest for 30 seconds; repeat.

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