The Anytime, Anyplace workout

All you need is room to move for these simple exercises.


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    • You can get a good cardiovascular workout right in your own home. And you don't need to invest in any of the fitness equipment being sold on TV by the latest exercise guru. Just pull up a chair, but don't sit on it. Use it to maintain your balance during this workout that you can do anytime, anywhere.

      Before You Get Started

      Warm-up: Marching

      You need: An open space

      With your hands on your hips, alternate raising your knees toward your chest for about five to seven minutes. Add arm movements, pumping your arms as you march. Continue marching in place for five to seven minutes more.

    • Wall Push-Up

      Good for: Chest, fronts of shoulders, triceps

      You need: A wall

      A. Stand about 2 feet from a wall. Place your hands on the wall, shoulder width apart.

      B. Keeping your head in line with the rest of your body, contract your abs so that your back is not arched. Bend your elbows to lower your chest toward the wall. Press up to fully extend your arms (be careful not to overextend). Repeat eight to12 times.

    • Reverse Fly

      Good for: Upper back, backs of shoulders

      You need: A chair, couch, bed, or coffee table for a bench, plus two water bottles or hand weights

      A. Sit on the edge of your bench with your feet flat on the floor. With a water bottle in each hand, bend over until your chest nearly touches your thighs and your arms hang straight down. If you're uncomfortable, rest a pillow on your thighs for cushioned support.

      B. Keeping your head aligned with your spine, pinch your shoulder blades together and bend your elbows, raising the water bottles to hip level. Slowly lower the bottles back down to the starting position. Repeat eight to 12 times.

    • Squat

      Good for: Fronts and backs of thighs, rear end

      You need: A chair

      A. Stand facing the back of your chair with your feet hip width apart. Lightly hold the chair to maintain your balance.

      B. Bend your legs at the hips and knees as if you were going to sit in a chair, making sure your knees never go farther forward than your toes. Your upper body should remain upright throughout the movement. Stand back up. Repeat eight to 12 times.

    • Standing Leg Raise

      Good for: Outer thighs

      You need: A chair

      A. Stand up straight, lightly holding your chair to maintain your balance. With your toes pointed, lift one foot to the side, raising it 5 to 8 inches and keeping your posture tall and your hips as level as possible.

      B. Lower your leg back down. Perform eight to 12 lifts. Repeat with the other leg.

    • Thigh Toner

      Good for: Inner thighs

      You need: A chair and a medium-size ball

      A. Sit at the edge of the chair with your feet planted firmly on the floor. Place the ball between your thighs.

      B. Squeeze the ball with your inner thigh muscles for two to three seconds, then relax. Repeat eight to 12 times.

    • Bridge

      Good for: Rear end, legs, abdominals, and back muscles

      You need: An open space

      A. Lie on your back with your hands slightly away from your sides, palms facing down. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor, hip width apart.

      B. Raise your pelvis, contracting your gluteal muscles. Hold for one to two seconds. Lower your pelvis to the floor. Repeat eight to 12 times

    • Crunch

      Good for: Abdominal muscles

      You need: An open space

      A. Lie on your back with your knees bent, both feet flat on the floor, your head resting on your fingertips, and your elbows out.

      B. Pull in your abs, pressing small of your back to the floor while raising your head and shoulders off the floor. Hold for a second and release. Repeat eight to 12 times.

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