Stop Dieting!

Learn to Care for Yourself
Smart Diet Cover

Get acquainted with your internal caretaker, the inner part of you that nurtures you, loves you unconditionally, and always treats you with kindness and respect. Listen carefully. Your internal caretaker gently coaxes you to eat when you're hungry and to stop when you're satisfied.

Respond to your small needs, such as putting on hand lotion when your hands feel dry, getting a drink of water when you're thirsty, or taking a moment for time alone, rather than waiting until you finish one more task.

A Dozen Little Luxuries for Self-Care

  • Buy yourself a luxurious new robe.
  • Read a novel or one of your favorite magazines.
  • Meditate or take a meditation class.
  • Paint your toenails or give yourself a foot massage.
  • Buy a new cookbook and treat yourself to a gourmet meal. (Yes, it's OK!)
  • Take a nap in the middle of the day.
  • Take the afternoon off and rent a favorite movie.
  • Slip out of the office for a manicure.
  • Treat yourself to some exquisite new undergarments.
  • Meet a dear friend for cappuccino.
  • Play with a child or a pet.
  • Sit and do nothing.

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