Walk Your Way Fit

Walking is the ultimate bargain exercise, proving you don't need fancy equipment or pricey gyms to get fit. But you do need to mix it up. Here are three different walks to keep your heart healthy, your waistline trim, and your stress levels down.
Walk your way to a healthier and happier you.
women walking

Walking works. You know it. Trouble is, you're not sure how to evolve your walking program beyond the same moderate-paced walk that's not getting you the results you want, especially if you're hoping to shed some pounds.

"After about six weeks of doing the same workout, your body adapts and no longer has to work as hard," says Amy Dixon, exercise physiologist and fitness trainer in Santa Monica, California, and creator of the Give Me 10 DVD. That explains why, even though your heart is happy, you might not be thrilled with the number on the scale--which seems to have gotten stuck.

The solution? Challenge yourself by changing your intensity and pace. "Change requires change, which is why you need to vary your walks," Dixon says.

We've put together three different types of walks, each of which offers a unique challenge to your body. Start with the endurance walk and then sprinkle the other two walks into your week. Over time, as your walking program continues to evolve, so, too, will your body, making you fitter leaner, and healthier.

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