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Work, Insurance, Wills

Tips on marriage and money, including bank accounts, insurance, and estate planning.

Stop Money From Tearing Your Marriage Apart

Before you start talking about money, make sure it's a good time to have that...

Finance Tips for Second Marriages

When you both have outside obligations, sorting your finances takes extra...

Life Insurance for Kids?

Unless your child is the family breadwinner, buying a policy for him is a wast...

Using and Managing Inheritance Money

Use an inheritance wisely and well. These strategies can help you make the mos...

Disability Insurance Can Save Your Family

Disability insurance could protect your family from financial ruin.

How to Talk to Your Partner About Money

Good communication -- no surprise -- is the key to financial compatibility.

Wills: Your Daughters, Your Sons

Divide your estate evenly, or erase the male-female income gap?

Discussing Finances with Aging Parents

The edict saying that parents and their adult children don't discuss financial...

When to Share Checking Accounts

There's no universal solution to combining two incomes into one household....

Life Insurance 101

Read our tips for finding the right life insurance for you and your family.

10 Ways To Cut Your Homeowners Insurance

The coverage offered in the standard homeowners insurance policy might be more...

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: The Best Insurance Policy

Just like in the old days, your neighbor -- not an insurance policy -- can be...


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