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Finance Tips

Learn more about credit and debt, plus how to choose a bank and protect yourself from identity theft.

Save Money by Reading the Fine Print

One writer shares a hard-earned lesson about finance charges, auto insurance,...

Your Best Yard Sale Ever!

Try these 14 mom-tested tips for yard-sale success.

20 Sneaky Ways to Save

Mix and match these favorite money-saving tips from Motherboard Moms across th...

How Much House Can We Afford?

This calculator will help you roughly determine the price you can pay for a ne...

How to Protect Important Documents

Renting a safe deposit box or buying a fire-resistant file holder can give you...

Money Matters: The Dangers of Debit Cards

Credit or debit? Before you commit to using debit cards, make sure you...

Money-Saving Tips

Reverse the cash flow with these simple budget savers.

What Will it Cost to Relocate?

Adding up the various costs will help you budget your move effectively.

The Pros and Cons of Banking Online

What's so great about live bank tellers, anyway?

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Most families aren't saving enough money. Start building wealth!

Advantages of Buying a Car Online

Thanks to the Internet, buying your next car could be a hassle-free,...

Write Complaints That Get Results

A good complaint to a store or, say, a cable TV company, requires planning and...

Choosing a Low-Cost Bank

When everyone is paying more and getting less, here's how to get what you want.

Funding Your Retirement

It's never too late -- or too soon -- to start planning. Here, we explain the...

Swap Skills with Your Neighbors

Setting up a "skill swap" allows neighbors to trade services, save...

Are You Taking Advantage of Your Benefits?

Learn more ways to make your benefits count.

Does Clipping Coupons Save You Money?

Here's the rub: Coupons are only good if you actually spend less than you woul...

Family Budgeting

Before you say you don't want to -- or can't -- stick to a budget, read on.

Better Budget: Easy Ways to Save

From budgeting and saving to paying down debt, top money pros share their tips...

Hold a Money-Making Garage Sale

A successful garage or yard sale doesn't just happen. Following these steps...

Are You Financially Prepared for the Worst?

With job security no longer a guarantee, now's the time to assess your...

Lost Your Job? Keep Your Health Coverage

Here's what you need to know about COBRA benefits.

A Guide to Mortgages

Knowing the language is half the battle.

12 Financial Steps Newlyweds Shouldn't Ignore

Now that each of you has the other to consider, take these measures to protect...

How to Raise Budget-Savvy Kids

Even 10-year-olds can manage the family entertainment budget.

Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Bank

Matching a bank to your lifestyle can save you money -- and aggravation.


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