Arthritis Quiz

Take charge of the disease with useful information.
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Any plan to take charge of your arthritis must be based on knowledge.

Find out how much you already know about arthritis by answering the following six questions.

1. Arthritis is a disease of aging. a) true b) false

2. How many types of arthritislike conditions are there? a) 100 b) 4 c) 26 d) 50

3. Arthritis primarily affects: a) men b) women c) both equally

4. Arthritis is a minor disease of aches and pains. a) true b) false

5. There is no really effective treatment for arthritis. a) true b) false

6. The most common form of arthritis is: a) rheumatoid arthritis b) gout c) fibromyalgia d) osteoarthritis

Do you know the score? Let's see just how well you did. The next page has the correct answers.

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