Scrapbooking Your Travels

Wherever your excursions take you -- overseas, to the tropics, or to another state -- capture your unforgettable experiences with pages for the explorer in you.

What You Need:

Overlap photos to add visual
interest to an otherwise
linear page.

  • Photos
  • Hot Off The Press Paper Pizazz items as follows: Stamps paper; Brown crushed suede paper from the Black and White Photos booklet; Gold tiles paper from the Heritage Papers booklet (for the background); Brown paper from the Solid Jewel Tones booklet; Ivory paper from the Plain Pastels booklet
  • Numbers, postcards, and luggage punch-outs
  • Black marking pen
  • Acid-free glue stick

Buyer's Guide:

Hot Off the Press Paper Pizazz 1250 Northwest Third Canby, Oregon 97013 503/266-9102


1. Even if you didn't collect postage stamps on your trip, it's easy to create a band of stamps using printed stamp paper for the background. 2. Numbered punch-outs glued onto brown paper and adhered to the stamp band along the side of the page give weight to the design. To balance the other side of the page, mat and overlap a trio of photos. 3. Add luggage and a journaled postcard punch-out to finish the page.

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