Family-Friendly Travel Options

There's nothing like a fun vacation to bring a family together -- it's a shared adventure for everyone involved. Travel with your family and create memories you'll all tell stories about for years to come

Of course, each family has unique dynamics, so a cross-country road trip may work for one family but not another. Make the most of your vacation by tailoring it to your family's interests. It's a good idea to do research on a variety of destinations and discuss them with your spouse and children to find something you can all enjoy. One easy way to browse family-oriented travel ideas is to visit Better Homes and Gardens(R) Travel. From BHG Travel, you can find destinations by region or state as well as cruise and package deals. You can even search for specific types of vacations, such as cruises or international trips and have detailed information on any option mailed directly to your home. Explore your options -- no matter where you live or where you're going, there's plenty for your family to see and do.