Cats on the Go

Here's how to make sure your cat is well cared for when you're on the road, whether she goes along or stays behind.
Stay or Go?

Consider Your Cat's Situation

Before you travel with your kitty,
make sure it'll be enjoyable
for both of you.

Most cats are creatures of habit, and don't appreciate being uprooted. That applies as much to a short car ride as to a cross-country plane trip. However, some cats are more comfortable travelers than others.

Before you pack up your pet, consider the following questions:

  • Is your cat happiest in familiar surroundings? Older animals in particular dislike changes in their routine.
  • If you've traveled with your pet before, how did she react? Did she experience any discomfort or illness, such as car sickness?
  • Is your cat physically up to the challenges of a trip? Elderly, ill, or disabled animals are often poor candidates for traveling.
  • Will your pet be welcome where you are staying? Whether it's a private home or a hotel or motel, you'll need to confirm that your hosts have no problem with your cat's presence.

Raising a Happier Traveler

Cats who are well-accustomed to hitting the road generally make the most congenial traveling companions. If you have a kitten and plan to take her along on frequent car trips, get her acclimated by taking her for short rides (to places other than the vet's office!). For her safety and yours, keep her in a pet carrier during the ride. (See page 3 for tips on choosing a carrier.)

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