Plan some fun and games for everyone in the family.


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Play & Burn Calories

Find out how many calories your favorite outdoor activities burn.

Poolside Safety Tips

Keep your family safe while playing pool games.

Family Cycling Fun

Use these tips to turn biking into a family affair.

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Games to Try
  • Beach Games

    Playing these beach games with your family will perk up your party on the sand.

  • Bocce

    Once considered a game for old men, bocce is now a game for every age, and it's rolling across yards from coast to...

  • Crazy for Croquet

    Croquet was once a game of white clothes and stringent rules. Now the whites are out, the rules are no-holds-barred...

  • Dueling Nozzles

    Too hot to kick a soccer ball? Battle it out with a stream of cold water.

  • Games from Recess

    These schoolyard favorites are great for birthday parties.

More Fun
  • Family Horse Fun

    Even if you don't fancy yourselves equestrians and can't remember the last time you were on a horse, winter can be...

  • Fun Backyard Game Ideas

    Keep your little ones active with games you used to play.

  • Have Fun, Burn Calories

    Find out how many calories your favorite summer activities burn -- plus modifications that will ensure you burn eve...

  • Host a "Sensory Olympics"

    Engage your child's sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch by staging a five-event "Sensory Olympics." You'll acti...

  • How to Play Quidditch at Home

    A make-believe game for wizards can become a reality in your own neighborhood.

  • Let's Go Fly a Kite!

    Everything you need to know to master the art of flying a kite.

  • Rainy-Day Baseball Bash

    If a sudden thunderstorm turns your kids' Little League game into a washout, invite the gang for an impromptu get-t...

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