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Tips for Family Cycling.

It doesn't matter how long it's been since your last ride -- jump on and join the fun!

Gardening with Kids

Great family gardens do so much more than grow plants -- they nurture terrific kids.

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Get inspired to take a fun -- yet informative -- family vacation!

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  • Getting Kids into the Garden

    How do you plant the love of gardens and nature in children? Here are seven time-tested ways to get kids away from...

  • How to Hang a Tire Swing

    Renowned play structure designer Barbara Butler shares her secrets on how to set up a tire swing.

  • How to Plan a Winning Family Garden

    Great family gardens do so much more than grow plants -- they nurture terrific kids and are friendly places where e...

  • Kids' Gardening

    Share your passion for gardening with your kids while teaching them responsibility and patience. Here are some of o...

  • Scoopers and Dumpers

    Make homemade sand scoopers from recycled soda bottles for your child's next trip to the beach.

  • Summer Pleasures

    Vivid outdoor furniture and accessories summon family and friends to gather under the shade for a respite from the...

  • Teach Your Kids How to Start a Garden

    Inspire your kids to start a garden of their own.

  • The Great Outdoors

    Get back to basics this summer by going on a family camping adventure.

  • Amusement Park Survival Guide

    Get the most fun out of your park visit. Use these tips to plot your day and avoid the pitfalls of long lines and w...

  • Camping Close to Home

    Fall is the perfect season to get up close and personal with nature -- on a camping trip.

  • Cats on the Go

    Here's how to make sure your cat is well cared for when you're on the road, whether she goes along or stays behind.

  • Checking into Kid-Safe Hotels

    Childcare and kids' clubs are a growing part of hotel services. Parents can make sure kids have a good time -- and...

  • Do-It-All Car Organizers

    Ever missed your turn because you were digging for change? Avoid on-the-road snafus with these products that will k...

  • Easy RV Cooking

    Even in cramped quarters and an incomplete kitchen, you can eat like royalty on the road.

  • Exciting Vacation Ideas

    If you want to break out of your usual vacation mold, try on some new ideas and see how they fit your family's sens...

  • 5 Factory Visits for Families

    Factory visits used to be the stuff of school field trips. Now more companies are opening their doors -- and planni...

  • Family First-Aid Kit

    Whether you go by car, bus, or plane, keep these supplies on hand "just in case."

  • Our Favorite Family-Friendly Beaches

    From Maine to Hawaii, our top beach destinations offer something for everyone -- lighthouse touring, snorkeling, su...

  • 5 Family-Friendly Resorts

    Many getaways have a summer-camp feel with loads of family projects, programs, and activities strictly for the kids...

  • Family-Friendly Travel Options

    There's nothing like a fun vacation to bring a family together -- it's a shared adventure for everyone involved. Tr...

  • Spectacular Summer Fireworks

    It wouldn't be summer without fireworks. Take a break from your hometown show to check out one of these extraordina...

  • Fun Times Inside Your RV

    RVing isn't just about travel on the wide open road. It's also about learning to live in cramped quarters. Here, ti...

  • Gas Price Calculator

    With gas prices rising noticeably during summer months, you can't afford to overlook the cost of gas when you prepa...

  • Gear Up for Safety

    For your next family trip to the beach, here are some precautions to follow and ideas for equipment to make and tak...

  • Home Away from Home

    Some dogs revel in the social aspects of the boarding experience, and others are just good sports. Like it or not,...

  • Make an Emergency Car Kit

    With these emergency essentials, you'll be ready for anything that happens during the hours spent on the road en ro...

  • Making RV Traditions

    Vacationing in an RV allows you to make a home away from home. Start some family traditions to personalize it even...

  • Plant Care When You're Away

    Travel with peace of mind with our simple care instructions for your plants.

  • 8 Reasons to Pull Over at Highway Rest Stops

    The next time you pull over, get the whole family out of the car for a healthful highway hiatus.

  • Road Games

    These boredom busters are guaranteed to postpone the "are we there yet?" -- at least for a while.

  • RV Travel Necessities

    Practical planning, and a few organizing tubs, help the good times roll.

  • RV Travel with Pets

    Bringing your family pet on a trip is its own kind of joy ride. Here's how to keep everyone happy and your pet heal...

  • Scrapbooking Your Travels

    Wherever your excursions take you -- overseas, to the tropics, or to another state -- capture your unforgettable ex...

  • Snacks on a Plane

    Make your own tasty fare, and the jet-setting days of old -- including the amazing in-flight food -- can be yours.

  • Spiritual Family Getaway

    A different kind of retreat lets parents and kids come together to reflect on family and spiritual values -- and sp...

  • In Style: 5 State Parks You'll Love

    Pitch your tent -- right back in the closet. At these parks, you can experience spa-like accommodations while enjoy...

  • Traveling with Your Dog

    With these travel tips, you and your dog will enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

  • Vacation Checklist

    Help ensure home security while you're away.

  • Vacation Memories That Last

    Make the time to document your family vacation. You, and generations to come, will be glad you did.

  • Visit Kauai on a Budget

    On the island paradise of Kauai, families can enjoy all the beauty and luxury of a genuine Hawaiian vacation -- wit...

  • Vacationing with Kids

    Have you come home from a family vacation feeling like you need another week off? Here's how to plan a vacation tha...

  • Volunteering on Vacation

    Spending quality time together takes on a whole new meaning when you travel with your family on a volunteer vacatio...

  • 5 Fun & Historical Family Vacations

    From a historic battlefield to ancient cliff dwellings, the nation's past offers a unique, intriguing family vacati...

  • How to Rent a Vacation Condo

    A condo or house can be a great option for a family vacation. Try these tips to avoid rental anguish.

  • Planning Family Day Trips

    Keep vacation spirits alive with family trips year-round. Here are some ideas.


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