7 Tests for Life

Each of these health checks has proven its worth in many studies. Find out which ones are critical at each stage of adult life.
Tests that Save Your Life

We love medical advice. A new study makes headlines almost weekly and many of us find ourselves altering our habits based on what we read (or at least thinking about it). We may be swallowing handfuls of antioxidant vitamins, eating more fish, increasing or decreasing our workouts.

Yet many of the studies are inconclusive. More tests still need to be done. There are, however, several medical screenings that have proven their value in detecting various diseases.

The American Medical Association (AMA) recommends seven different tests for eyes, teeth, blood pressure, cholesterol, cervix and breasts (women only), and colon, that if done regularly throughout your life, can put you on the path to prevention. The tests don't take long and are done in a dentist's or doctor's office. Age and medical history influence which tests you should have, so it's best to check with your physician.

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