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Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

Cooking healthy recipes doesn't have to take all day. Get our flavorful, easy healthy slow cooker recipes.

Makeovers for a Healthier Home

Your wall color, your comfy couch, your plates -- they all can be diet-busters. Here's how to make your home healthier.

FREE Healthy Menu Plans

Cross menu planning off your to-do list with these weeks of healthy menus planned for you!

Our Favorite Workouts
Exercise Ball Workout

This one piece of exercise equipment can give you a full-body workout.

5 Exercises for Flatter Abs

A strong core improves overall wellness. Get our five favorite exercises.

20-Minute Toning Workout

This easy 20-minute strength workout helps boost metabolism.

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  • Getting the Most from Your Sunscreen

    Check out our expert's advice before you head outdoors this summer.

  • 12 Cancer-Fighting Superfoods

    Reduce your risk of getting cancer by packing your diet with these powerful fruits and vegetables.

  • Beat the Flu

    At least one out of every 10 Americans comes down with the flu each year, usually between late fall and early sprin...

  • Better Bedtimes

    When is bedtime too late? What are the signs that a child is sleep-deprived? Answers to these questions and more.

  • Allergies Guide

    Learn all about the reaction that affects 50 million Americans.

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mind, body & spirit
  • Smart Eating Made Simple

    Forget everything you know about fussy meal plans, calorie counting, and deprivation. Building a healthy diet is as...

  • All Hail Mighty Kale

    Leafy vegetables are quick and healthy additions to salads, soups, and stir-fries.

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  • Hospital Survival Guide

    As a patient, you aren't as helpless as you might think.

  • Ready to Quit Smoking

    Kelly Anne Spratt, D.O., Director of Women's Cardiovascular Health at the University of Pennsylvania Presbyterian M...

  • 7 Tests for Life

    Each of these health checks has proven its worth in many studies. Find out which ones are critical at each stage of...

weight loss
  • Build a Better Breakfast

    You'll feel better and more energetic than ever with these perfectly balanced no-recipe meal ideas.

  • Is a Juice Cleanse Healthy?

    Want to lose a few pounds by following an all-juice diet? Here's what you should know before you try a juice cleans...

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parenting skills
  • Growing as a Parent

    Just as kids progress through stages of development, chances are you'll recognize where you are along the six stage...

  • 7 Secrets of Highly Happy Families

    Sharing treats, a game, a joke, or just a quiet moment together can bring you closer to your kids than ever before.

  • Good Table Manners

    Helpful hints to encourage the kids to act like angels.

  • Why Siblings Fight

    Sibling squabbles aren't always about jealousy. Here's what you can do to diffuse family tensions.

  • Fussy Eaters

    This easy-to-swallow mealtime strategy will help turn finicky kids around.

  • Genealogy 101

    Tracing family roots is a monumental task. Here's a guide to help organize your ancestry and preserve your heritage...

  • 10 Great Places for a Family Reunion

    Picking the right spot for a family reunion can be as challenging as finding the long-lost relatives you plan to i...

school & college
  • Get Involved in Your Child's Education

    Getting involved in your children's education is a proven way to improve their school performance -- here's how.

  • Learning Styles

    Children learn and process information in a variety of ways. Understanding your child's styles -- and customizing i...

  • College Prep

    If your child has college aspirations, planning ahead is key.

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  • Stargazing

    Winter is a great time to get outside and soak in the stars. Here's how to get the most out of the night sky.

  • The Benefits of Summer Camp

    How a summer adventure helps develop your child's independence and a love of the outdoors.


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