Quick Halloween Party Food

Share Halloween fun around a table of frightfully good and fast-to-fix treats sure to please guests of all ages.

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Green cheese balls
Moldy Cheese Balls

    These green cheese balls look past their prime, but their "mold" is just an herb coating that adds to the flavor. When plated with plastic spiders, they really achieve a gross-out appearance.

Sweet Vampires

    Blood-sucking creatures aren't often sweet, but these cookies are the exception. Dip peanut butter sandwich cookies into melted vanilla coating; cover the cookies completely and let dry. Pipe on chocolate frosting to create Dracula-like faces and vests, then pipe on a bow tie with red gel frosting. To serve the cookies, cut pieces of felt to resemble vampire capes and place the cookies on top of the felt pieces on a serving tray.

Oozing Brie

    An elegant party favorite is topped with an assortment of "guts" -- flavorful dried tomatoes, onion, basil, and garlic. Once they get past the macabre plating, guests will eat this dish up.

Terrifying Tarantulas

    Made from sweet candies, these scurrying spiders will have partygoers squeal with delight -- not fright. Melt candy coating or candy discs and place in a resealable plastic bag; snip off a small corner. Pipe spider legs onto a waxed paper-lined baking sheet and sprinkle with nonpareils (if desired). Chill legs in the refrigerator until firm. Squeeze small circles of melted coating onto another waxed paper-lined baking sheet and insert eight, chilled legs into each circle. Add a 1-inch candy truffle on top of each circle for the spider body. Add small candies or frosting for eyes; chill in refrigerator until firm.

Spider Soup

    Serve bowls of piping hot soup -- a fall favorite -- topped with this easy-to-master spiderweb.

Dig In -- If You Dare

    Venture into this graveyard and you'll discover a tasty taco dip. Layers of refried beans, lettuce, and black olives mimic dirt and grass. Eerie shapes cut from tortilla shells complete the spooky Halloween landscape.

Halloween Nachos

    Grinning jack-o'-lanterns made from taco ingredients keep the buffet line moving. Start with large round crackers, spread with sour cream and/or salsa, and top with cooked taco meat and shredded cheese. Use tomatoes, peppers, and olives to make the jack-o'-lantern faces.


    This crawling centipede is made from individual pizza pockets stuck together to create one long party pizza. The ingredients are stuffed between layers of refrigerator biscuits. Guests can help themselves to a section of the centipede -- mmm, tasty!

Jack-o'-Lantern Cheesecakes

    These mini cheesecakes have pumpkin-face cookie toppings and pumpkin filling. A sweet caramel drizzle makes them extra yummy.

Halloween Hors d'Oeuvres

    Use mini Halloween-theme cookie cutters to cut out pieces of cheese and meat. Place cutouts on top of various crackers, along with leaves of dark green lettuce. Use olive pieces to decorate the faces.

Witch Hat Surprises

    This witch has one sweet hat trick: Beneath the ice cream cone of this chocolatey hat is a hidden trove of candy.

Witch's Hat Calzones

    Abracadabra gobbledygook! Gather pizza ingredients and you won't need to use hocus-pocus to make these bewitching treats disappear.

Broomstick Bites

    These bewitching pretzel broomsticks fly right off the snack table. Serve them on a round yellow plate decorated with paper witch silhouettes.

Whoo-Hoo Hooty

    Turn your party platter into something special by making cute owls out of cheese, apple slices, nuts, and capers.

Wacky Witches

    These wickedly delicious desserts feature several crowd-pleasers. The hats are made from cheesecake, the heads from ice cream, the eyes and noses from candies, and the hair from shredded coconut -- sweet!

Candy Corn Crackers

    These fun snacks are crackers cleverly disguised as candy corn. Cheese nibbles are mounted on crackers spread with sour cream dip and finished with olives and meat slices.

Chicken Fingers

    Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the real thing, these fingers look like they could claw their way off the buffet table.

Easy S'Mores

    You won't need a bonfire for these fright-night snacks: They heat in the microwave oven.

Spooky Spider Cookies

    Cut chocolate sugar cookies into a web shape, then frost in spooky Halloween hues. Pipe on a spiral of dark icing and use a toothpick to draw lines outward from the center.

Crispy Cheese Chips

    Eye of newt and wing of bat! Drape wonton triangles over ridges of foil as they bake to make these chips look like they just flew in

Crazy Mixed-Up Snack Mix

    Snack mixes don't come any easier than this -- four ingredients and no baking.


    Carve these cute treats for little party guests. They'll love every sweet, sticky bite.

Blue Cheese Ricotta Dip

    Ten minutes -- start to finish -- and this tasty dip is ready to be devoured. Serve it in a hollowed-out squash or pumpkin.

Awesome Popcorn Balls

    No special tricks are needed to make a chewy, gooey caramel-coated snack that grown-ups will like as much as kids do.

Jack-o'-Lantern Cheese Ball

    Turn your favorite cheese ball into a total goofball by dressing it up as a playful pumpkin. Roll your prepared cheese ball in crushed nacho-cheese flavored snack chips. Place the cheese ball on a kale-lined platter. Cut a black olive into two triangle-shape pieces for the eyes and press into the cheese ball. Press three olive halves into the cheese ball to form the grin. (You may need to remove chips from these areas so the olives stick.) Place a dill pickle on top for a stem.

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