Easy Halloween Treats Kids Can Make

Your little goblins will love assembling -- and eating -- these spooky Halloween sweets and treats.

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owl halloween cookie
Owl Cupcake

    Try this wise idea for creating cute Halloween cupcakes. This hooting fellow could be the star of your Halloween food tray.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Spread tops of purchased cupcakes with white frosting.

    2. For eyes, arrange two round raspberry-and-vanilla-creme sandwich cookie halves side by side on top of the cupcake, top sides up. Use frosting to attach green mini candy-coated milk chocolate pieces to centers for eyes.

    3. For a beak, insert a cashew between the eyes. Cover cupcake top with overlapping rows of sliced almonds.

Spider Pasta

    Have a Halloween pasta night with these ravioli critters. A spiderweb made out of pasta sauce makes the spooky spiders feel right at home.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Fill a narrow-tip squeeze bottle with pasta sauce (look for plastic condiment bottles in a retailer's kitchen section). Use the bottle to pipe a spiderweb shape onto a plate.

    2. Place a few round ravioli on top of the web.

    3. Add strips of orange pepper for legs and put two drops of sauce on the ravioli for eyes.

Ghost Sandwich

    A simple but spooky ghost sandwich makes a lunchtime staple into a fun Halloween treat. For multiple hungry goblins use a variety of Halloween-theme cookie cutters such as pumpkins, witch hats, and cats to make a festive and tasty sandwich platter.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    2. Use a ghost-shape cookie cutter to cut the sandwich into a ghost shape.

    3. Press two raisins into bread -- use peanut butter if necessary -- for the ghost's eyes.

Werewolf Cupcake

    This hair-raising cupcake is a frightfully fabulous treat for Halloween parties. Simply purchase or make cupcakes; add frosting, then grab candies, icing, and shredded wheat to assemble this howling character.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Use pieces of shredded wheat to create the werewolf's hair, beard, and whiskers.

    2. Press two red mini candy-coated chocolates into the cupcake for eyes.

    3. Use chocolate icing to make a dot on each red candy piece for the pupils.

    4. Press two candy corn pieces on each side for ears.

    5. Tear off a small piece of black licorice for the nose.

    6. Use white frosting to make the mouth.

    7. Press two frosted sunflower kernels on each side of the mouth for fangs.

Halloween S'Mores

    You won't need a bonfire for these fright-night snacks: These coveted snacks heat in the microwave oven. Dip the edges of each treat in sprinkles or orange and yellow sugar for extra Halloween flair.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Break graham crackers into squares.

    2. Spread four squares with chocolate-hazelnut spread.

    3. Spread remaining four squares with marshmallow creme.

    4. Place graham crackers, marshmallow sides down, on top of chocolate-hazelnut spread; place on a microwave-safe plate.

    5. Microwave each s'more, uncovered, on high for 30 seconds.

    Editor's Tips:
    -- For a tasty spin on a classic, use chocolate graham cracker squares and substitute peanut butter for the chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Dragon Food Dessert

    A variation on the classic dirt and worms treat, this dessert is a hit with kids. The layers of pudding, cookies, and gummy candies are a winning combination for all your little monsters, goblins, and gremlins.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Crush chocolate sandwich cookies in a self-sealing plastic bag using a rolling pin.

    2. Make instant chocolate pudding; mix in whipped dessert topping and half the crushed cookies. Chill mixture for one hour.

    3. In plastic cups layer pudding mix, remaining crushed cookies, and yellow and green jelly beans.

    4. Add a "mushroom" or two by attaching a round green jelly candy to the cut end of an oblong jelly candy with icing.

    5. Complete by topping with fruit-flavor worm-shape candies.

Apple Monster Mouths

    Spooky green lips and scary yellow teeth create a cringe-worthy combination for this easy Halloween treat. Good thing these monster mouths taste so sweet!

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Core two green or red apples; cut each into eight thick slices.

    2. Spread about 1 teaspoon of peanut butter on an apple slice.

    3. Assemble about five pieces of candy corn as "teeth" on the apple slice.

    4. Spread another apple slice with about 1 teaspoon of peanut butter; press on top of first apple slice.

Owl Brownies

    Start with your favorite brownies -- from a mix or scratch -- and with a few clever cuts and additions, they'll be transformed into cute owls worthy of any Halloween offering.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Cut cooled brownies into rectangles. Reserve a few brownies for making the owls' wings.

    2. Round the top two corners and taper the edges on the brownies to form the bodies.

    3. From the reserved brownies, cut small triangles to use as wings.

    4. For the eyes, cut a red jelly bean in half and use frosting to attach them to two yellow round candies.

    5. For the feet, cut one orange gumdrop in half lengthwise; cut two inverted Vs at the wide end to form claws.

    6. Attach the eyes, feet, and candy corn nose onto the brownie body with chocolate frosting.

    7. Coat the bottom of the wings with frosting; place on the owl brownie body below the eyes.

Mummy Dogs

    Hot dogs are a party favorite and will become the star of a Halloween buffet when given this mummy wrap treatment using refrigerated breadsticks.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Stretch uncooked breadsticks to 12 inches.

    2. Wrap dough around hot dogs; be sure to let the meat show slightly through the wraps.

    3. Press in capers for eyes.

    4. Bake until bread is golden brown (about 12 minutes). Serve with ketchup and mustard.

Colorful Witch's Hat

    You can use almost any Halloween candy to decorate this treat "witch"-ever way you want. The hat is made out of popcorn, creating a salty-sweet snack that's hard to resist.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Prepare popcorn ball mixture, tinting with two different food colors, one for the brim and one for the tip.

    2. After mixture cools (about 10 minutes) press one color of the popcorn mix into a prepared pizza pan.

    3. Shape the remaining popcorn mixture into an 8-inch cone about 6-inches in diameter.

    4. Top base with cone shape. Decorate with chocolate pieces and fruit leather.

Open-Face Bird Sandwiches

    Heading off for trick-or-treating? Fuel up with these hearty sandwiches costumed as featherbrained birds.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Spoon two hot marinara-sauced meatballs on top of a split, toasted roll.

    2. Roll two small pieces of cream cheese into balls. Gently press a cream cheese ball onto the front of each meatball, making an eye.

    3. Cut pitted ripe black olives into small pieces; press into the front of each cream cheese ball as a pupil.

    4. Cut orange and/or yellow sweet peppers into pieces; arrange on meatballs as beaks and eyebrows.

    5. Arrange julienne carrots and/or chives on sandwiches to resemble feathers.

Fruity Owl Bagel

    Invite an owl or two to share in your Halloween festivities. Give kids prewashed, cut-up fruit to create their own nocturnal creatures, or assemble them yourself for a flock of Halloween treats.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Spread bagel halves with cream cheese.

    2. Use mango slices for the owl's wings, grapes for feet, a strawberry for the nose, and kiwi slices for eyes.

    3. Attach two blueberries to the kiwi slices with cream cheese to complete this fruity snack.

    Editor's Tip: Use cheese, olive slices, pepperoni, and veggies to create a savory owl treat.

Fondant-Marshmallow Ghouls

    For a quick and spooky treat, use marshmallows and fondant to form tasty ghouls. Tint fondant and use candies and pretzels to decorate each ghoul to ghastly perfection.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. For a tall white ghoul, use clean scissors to snip one end each from two large marshmallows. Press the cut ends together.

    2. Roll fondant to about 1/4 inch thick. Cut out a 4-1/2-inch-diameter fondant circle. Shape the fondant over the marshmallow stack.

    3. Add eyes and a mouth with decorating gel.

    4. To color ghouls, tint fondant with a small amount of food coloring. For the striped version, roll small ropes of different colors of the fondant. Press ropes together and roll out with a rolling pin. Finish as directed above.

    5. If desired, use small candies for features, attaching them with decorator frosting.

    Editor's Tip:
    For hair-raising fun, push fondant through a garlic press.

Truffle Tarantulas

    Spiders usually aren't on the guest list. But these tarantulas are made from sweet candies, so these scurrying spiders will have partygoers squeal with delight -- not fright.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Melt candy coating or candy disks and place in a resealable plastic bag; snip off a small corner.

    2. Pipe spider legs onto a waxed paper-lined baking sheet and sprinkle with nonpareils (if desired). Chill legs in the refrigerator until firm.

    3. Squeeze small circles of melted coating onto another waxed paper-lined baking sheet and insert eight chilled legs into each circle.

    4. Add a 1-inch candy truffle on top of each circle for the spider's body.

    5. Add small candies or frosting for eyes; chill in refrigerator until firm.

Cookie-and-Candy Cat

    More friendly than fierce, this cookie-and-candy cat is just what a wicked witch needs as a broom-riding companion.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Use chocolate icing to assemble two chocolate cookies for the cat's head and body.

    2. Cut two mint patties into the shape of pointed ears. Place the ears behind the head, adhering them with icing.

    3. Use two smaller multicolor-chip cookies to form the muzzle, attaching to the face with frosting.

    4. Place a round red candy in the middle of the face for a nose.

    5. Assemble chocolate candies to form paws; attach with icing.

    6. For the eyes, flatten a green jelly candy, then cut two thin diamond shapes. Use icing to attach one to each chocolate candy; attach to cat.

    7. Use a chocolate twist candy to form the tail, microwaving to make pliable and attaching with icing to the back of the body.

    8. Use melted almond bark or frosting to attach a red lace candy mouth and whiskers to the muzzle.

Taco Spider

    Adapt kid-approved tacos into a spidery meal for Halloween. The sour cream eyes and cheesy legs are sure to win over even the pickiest goblin or ghoul.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Place a small, soft tortilla shell onto a plate. Layer with taco or picante sauce, shredded cheese, and lettuce. Top with a circle of cooked taco meat.

    2. Add dollops of sour cream topped with green olive slices for the spider's eyes.

    3. Make the grin from a curved slice of tomato; add cherry tomato halves at the ends.

    4. Place about eight puffed cheese curls on the outer edge of the tortilla shell for the spider's legs.

Haunted House Treat

    This house might be haunted, but there's nothing wicked about the sweets holding this home together. With toaster pastries and fudge-stick cookies as building materials, even ghosts and bats won't scare hungry goblins away.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Use cocoa powder to tint some icing brown and yellow food coloring to tint some icing yellow.

    2. Use a sharp knife to diagonally cut one toaster pastry in half and secure one half to the second toaster pastry with brown icing for the roof.

    3. From the graham cracker, break off one rectangle for the door and cut two 1-inch squares for the windows.

    4. Frost the windows with yellow icing. Attach the windows and the door with brown icing.

    5. Attach 1-inch lengths of pretzel sticks along the vertical edges of the windows for the shutters.

    6. Attach a rectangular chocolate cookie and a small candy pumpkin to create the door.

    7. Use brown icing to secure a fudge stick cookie at the bottom of the house for the step and at the top of the roof for the chimney.

    8. Use black decorating gel to pipe the windowpanes and to add squiggle lines over the house.

    9. To complete, use icing to attach edible bat and ghost decorations.

Twinkie Owl

    Look "whoo" flew in for Halloween. With a body and wings made from Twinkie snack cakes, this wise bird will be a hit with partygoers of any age.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Use fruit circles, small disk candies, and green candy-coated chocolates to form the eyes, using vanilla icing as "glue."

    2. With a sharp knife, cut away one side of each eye, then adhere them together along the cut sides.

    3. Frost one Twinkie with chocolate icing for the owl tummy and decorate with yellow and orange sprinkles.

    4. Cut one 1x2-inch wing each from two Twinkies, reversing the shapes.

    5. Ice the eyes to the head of the body.

    6. Add two candy corn pieces each for the beak and feet.

    7. Cut tail feathers and thin eyebrow slivers from black licorice twists. Ice in place.

    8. Use frosting to attach wings next to the body.

Halloween Snake Sandwich

    Oozing with yummy pizza ingredients, this overstuffed snake sports a sinister smile and a long, forked tongue. But don't worry; its taste is much better than its bite.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Roll a thawed loaf of frozen bread dough into a 22-inch long rope; place on a large greased baking sheet forming a "snaky S" shape. Allow to rise, then bake.

    2. Once the loaf is cool hollow out the center portion of the loaf about 1-inch deep and 1-1/2-inches wide, leaving about 2-inches on each end of the loaf.

    3. Layer cheddar and mozzarella cheese around the center of loaf, pressing cheese slices down into the hollowed portion of the loaf.

    4. Spoon a mixture of pepperoni and pizza sauce on top of the cheese. Top with strips of sweet pepper; bake.

    5. To complete, make a slit in the front of the loaf and insert a roasted red pepper strip for the snake's tongue; insert two pimento stuffed olives with toothpicks for eyes.

Mummy Appetizers

    The true flavor of these tasty mummies is under wraps. Assemble a few for a fun appetizer or a legion for a Halloween-worthy entree.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Skewer a purchased meatball and a 4-inch piece of summer sausage stick with a 6-inch wooden skewer.

    2. Combine 8 ounces of cream cheese and 1 teaspoon of purchased pesto. Spread some of the mixture over the meat skewer.

    3. Wrap skewer with cooked fettuccine noodles.

    4. To complete, add capers for eyes. Serve with pasta sauce for dipping.

    Editor's Tip: For a more bulky body, spread with additional cream cheese mixture and wrap with another layer of cooked fettuccine.

Mad Scientist Wraps

    Create your own mini laboratory with these Halloween wraps. Gather as many add-ons as possible -- olives, carrots, sweet pickles, and parsley work great -- then let imaginations run wild.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Make a wrap with your choosing of fillings. Roll up and secure with wooden pick.

    2. Stuff one end of rolled tortilla with sweet red pepper strips, shredded lettuce, parsley sprigs, and julienned carrots.

    3. Attach olives for eyes and the nose and a piece of pepper for the mouth with mayonnaise or honey mustard.

    4. Cut an apron shape from the cheese and lay atop tortilla.

    5. Add pickles or peppers for shoes and use cheese as a blanket.

Cat Snack Face

    A variety of raw vegetables -- as well as some other tasty snacks -- form this smiling feline. Let little goblins and ghouls play with their food -- just this once -- to see what they can create.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Place two red sweet pepper slices on top of two deviled eggs (to make the yolks green, add a little bit of blue food coloring when making the deviled eggs). Place slightly above the center of a plate.

    2. Above the eggs, place two crinkle-cut carrots for eyebrows and triangle crackers topped with triangle-shape slices of cheese for the ears.

    3. Position a grape tomato below the eyes for the nose, adding thin strips of celery to the sides for whiskers.

    4. Arrange two pieces of crinkle-cut carrots below the nose for the mouth.

    Editor's Tips:
    -- You can also form a jack-o'-lantern shape with these tasty ingredients.
    -- In lieu of deviled eggs, use small dishes to hold vegetable dip.

Doughnut Witch Hat

    What do a chocolate-covered sugar cone, a chocolate doughnut, and plenty of sprinkles have in common? They all taste great when put together to form a spooky witch hat -- quite the Halloween treat.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Melt semisweet chocolate according to the package instructions. Holding the open end of a sugar cone, dip the bottom half at an angle into the melted chocolate.

    2. Immediately press candy pumpkins into the chocolate. Place the cone on waxed paper and let sit until the chocolate sets.

    3. Frost the top and side surfaces of a doughnut with chocolate icing. Sprinkle icing with nonpareils or sprinkles.

    4. Center the open end of the cone on the frosted doughnut. Use a sharp knife to cut candies or gum pieces into quarters and adhere them around the bottom of the hat with icing.

Blue Blob Dessert

    All kinds of creatures come out for Halloween, including mysterious beings such as the Blue Blob. Anything but disturbing, this concoction is a simple mix of pudding and whipped topping with a few details added to give the dessert its monsterlike appearance.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Prepare white chocolate pudding mix, mix in whipped topping, and tint blue. Stir in chopped cookies.

    2. Spoon mixture into large, heavy plastic bag. Snip a 1/2-inch piece off corner of bag. Holding top of bag tightly, squeeze mixture into mounds in 3- to 5-ounce plastic cups.

    3. Make face on each mound with blue and green candy-coated pieces.

    4. Outline eyes with black decorating gel to make goggles.

    5. Add a sandwich cookie to each for hats and, if desired, a gummy octopus to the side of each.

Bug-Eyed Pasta

    Make a bowl of pasta Halloween-worthy with big spooky eyeballs packed with flavor. Meatballs, olives, and cheese form frightening buggy eyes for this Halloween dish.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Prepare a bowl of pasta and cover with a basic sauce.

    2. Make meatballs. Once cool, place near the top of the pasta bowl.

    3. Cover meatballs with 1-inch rounds of cheese, cut out from cheese slices.

    4. To complete, put an olive slice on top of each cheese round for a scary pupil.

Angry Eyebrow Bites

    Cookies and brownies gain a lot of character with candy features and coconut-covered brows. Use a variety of colors to create these little Halloween monsters.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Use green or purple food coloring to tint vanilla icing. Frost the brownie or cookie with the tinted icing.

    2. Use mini wafers or cut one large marshmallow in half for eyeballs; place the eyeballs on the brownie or cookie.

    3. Use icing to attach jelly beans or red hots for the pupils.

    4. Attach a gumball or Ju Jube for the nose.

    5. Cut a piece of lace candy for the mouth; press it into a frown or smile and add candy corn teeth if desired.

    6. Sprinkle shredded coconut dyed black over frosted pretzel sticks for the eyebrows; attach with icing.

Pickled Frog

    With all the bugs, spiders, and snakes crawling around at Halloween, why not add a pickled frog or two? Pieces of banana pepper serve as the frog's bright eyes.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Cut a narrow slit in the front of a large dill pickle for the mouth.

    2. Cut away a short section of two banana peppers at the stem end for eyes. With a toothpick, poke two holes in the pickle large enough to hold the stems. Insert the stems, then push a clove into the center of each eye.

    3. Use two dill-pickled gherkins for each front limb. For the hand, make a diagonal cut at the end of two of the gherkins. For fingers, make two V-shape cuts. Attach to body with toothpicks.

    4. For each hind leg, use three gherkins: two for the upper and lower leg, and one for the foot. Attach the leg sections with toothpicks.

Wormy Popcorn Balls

    Put gummy worms and candy corn to good use by whipping up a batch of mini popcorn balls. The different flavors provide a fresh spin on a Halloween classic.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Prepare popcorn ball mixture.

    2. Add in candy corn and some gummy worms (you might want to alternate these additions).

    3. Once cool, form mixture into 2-1/2-inch diameter balls. Press more candy corn and gummy worms into the sides.

Eyeball Lollipops

    All you need are store-bought treats, paper, and ribbon to assemble these terrifying eyeball lollipops. Just keep your eye on them, as tasty lollipops can disappear in the blink of an eye.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Cut two or three 6-inch squares of white tissue paper.

    2. Layer the squares, then wrap them around the candy. Wrap and secure around the base with white floral wire.

    3. Cut the iris pattern from colored paper and the pupil from black. Clip into the iris as shown.

    4. Hot-glue the iris to the top of the candy. Add the pupil.

    5. Use red dimensional paint to make the eyeball bloodshot; let dry.

    6. To complete, wrap narrow red ribbon around the wire and tie in a bow.

Mice Cookies

    With crunchy chow mein noodle tails and a flavorful cookie crunch, these Halloween treats won't make you scamper away. If anything, you'll be happy to see these little mice around.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Form cookie dough into a 9-inch-long roll about 2 inches in diameter. Chill until firm enough to slice.

    2. Using a sharp knife, cut roll into 1/4-inch-thick slices. Cut each slice in half.

    3. Cut candy bars into 12 rectangles each.

    4. Top a half slice of cookie dough with one chocolate bar rectangle.

    5. Place a chow mein noodle on one side, close to the flat edge, so it resembles a tail.

    6. Top with a second half slice. Gently press sides of slices together to seal.

    7. Press an almond slice into the cookie for an ear and candy-coated chocolate pieces for an eye and nose.

Pepper Frog

    Make veggies fun to eat at Halloween by making them into a silly frog. Serve with a favorite salad dressing if desired.

    To make, follow these steps:

    1. Remove the top of a green pepper and set aside. Remove all seeds and membrane.

    2. Cut out leg shapes from another green pepper and attach to the frog body using toothpicks.

    3. Fill pepper with favorite vegetables.

    4. Add a long slice of carrot for a tongue.

    5. Using toothpicks, place two large pimento-stuffed green olives on top of the pepper lid for eyes.

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