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Halloween Sweets & Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these Halloween and fall-theme desserts that are easy and fun to make for both kids and adults.


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    • Spiderweb Cake

      For a festive cake that's delightfully creepy-crawly, try our spiderweb cake. Cupcake spiders will give it an extra spooky finish.

    • Eyeball Pie

      Watch these eyeball pies disappear faster than you can say "monster mash." Pudding-filled tart shells are a crowd pleaser and when made into eyeballs for Halloween, they'll be gobbled up in a wink.

      Note: The eyeball tart looks especially scary when presented on a purple fake fur monster bearing candy corn teeth.

    • Ghostly Cereal Bars

      Classic rice cereal-and-marshmallow bars are sculpted into ghost shapes and dipped in candy coating. Form different shaped ghosts for a fun variety.

    • Wicked Witch's Popcorn Hat

      Go for wicked or zany with this edible witch's hat. The concoction is an updated popcorn ball recipe tinted with food coloring pastes and shaped into hat form. For something a little more wicked, use traditional black and orange food coloring pastes. Or, pair vibrant colors for something zany.

    • Bat Cookies

      Who can resist chocolate -- especially in bat form? These yummy treats get their start with toaster pastries and sandwich cookies.

    • Dragon Food Dessert

      A variation on the classic Dirt and Worms Dessert, Dragon Food is a hit with kids. The layers of pudding, cookies, and gummy candies are a winning combination for all your little monsters, goblins, and gremlins.

    • Chocolate Spider Cake

      Spiders usually make people say "eek!" But this concoction of luscious cake, sweet chocolate and delicious candy will make family and friends say "yum!"

    • Blue Blob Dessert

      All kinds of creatures come out at Halloween, including mysterious beings like the Blue Blob. Anything but disturbing, this concoction is a simple mix of pudding and frozen whipped topping with a few details added to give the dessert its monsterlike appearance.

    • Handy Pretzels

      Give new meaning to the concept "finger food" this Halloween. Large pretzel sticks resemble fingers when the ends are dipped in melted candy coating and topped with a sliced almond fingernail. Display the "digits" in a shirt sleeve-covered jar.

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      Alley Cat Pops

      It's OK to cross paths on Halloween with this particular black cat. The chocolate-covered feline features a gooey rice cereal-and-marshmallow bar center, a tasty treat on a stick that's worth risking bad luck to eat.

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      Tombstone Brownies

      Tombstone brownies set the stage for this eerie cemetery. The epitaph-inscribed stones are surrounded by cookie crumb dirt and green-tint coconut grass.

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      Witch's Hat Dessert

      Craft these wicked witch hats by sandwiching a layer of frosting between two store-bought chocolate cookies. Top the sandwich brims with a chocolate ice cream cone, glued in place with frosting. Pipe frosting around the hat for decoration.

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      Scary Skull Cake

      Represent a favorite Halloween motif in dessert form with a skull-shape cake. With our free pattern, you don't have to be a mad scientist to concoct this skeleton cake.

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      Tombstone Trio

      Make no bones about it -- these three skeletons are a scarily sweet treat. Create the edible scene with staples found in your grocery store's snack and baking aisles.

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      Shrunken Head Caramel Apple

      Caramel apples are a fall favorite, made from crisp, in-season apples and rich, buttery caramel. Give the classic a Halloween twist with a shrunken head costume.

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      Scaredy-Cat Ice Cream Cake

      Everyone will be clawing their way to this grinning cat cake. Not only is it cute, this cat pairs two classic favorites -- brownies and ice cream -- into one dessert.

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      Wizard's Hat Cake

      Five layers of round cake support a pointed ice cream cone to make this towering purple hat cake.

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      Bat Pops

      Invite these vampires to your next Halloween party. Guests needn't fear -- these aren't the harmful type, but are friendly vampires of the sweet and chocolately variety.

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      Spider-Covered Cookies

      These spider-covered cookies are based on a favorite from another holiday: Christmas spritz cookies.

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      Spooky Spice Cake

      Tricks go with treats, and sweet pairs with spicy in this flavorful, well-decorated spice cake.

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      Fall Cake

      Transform a round layer cake into a display of fall colors. Start with a frosted cake. Trim lollipop sticks so the candy portion just peeks out over the edge of the cake. Remove wrappers and press into the side of the cake.

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      Creepy Crawly Cupcakes

      Up the "eek" factor of these pudding-filled cupcakes with layers of slimy gummy worms.

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      Mini Cheesecakes with Halloween Toppers

      Jack-o'-lantern-face gingersnaps top creamy mini pumpkin cheesecakes for a yummy flavor pairing (and a cute table display!). Use Halloween-theme cupcake liners for the cheesecakes to add to the festivity.

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      Magic Wand Brownies

      Brownies baked in mini muffin tins become the toppers for these magic wands -- perfect for Halloween fairies, wizards, and witches alike.

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      Halloween Cheesecake

      For a Halloween dessert in a hurry, purchase a frozen cheesecake, thaw, and decorate with shards of melted candy coating tinted with orange food coloring paste. Top with whipped dessert topping and sprinkles and be ready to wow 'em.

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      Falling Leaves Cake

      Welcome fall with a seasonal cake, perfect for any autumn occasion. Start with a frosted cake and embellish with chocolate "clay" leaf cutouts.

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      Wickedly Fun Halloween Cupcakes

      Whip up a cupcake creation that is sure to dazzle your Halloween party guests by decorating store-bought or homemade cupcakes. Our Halloween cupcake monsters, black cats, witches, and ghosts are all magic to make and decorate!
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