Halloween Cake Decorating Ideas

Halloween is one of the best times to put your spooky and creative side to work. Get inspired by these frightful -- and delightful -- Halloween cakes decorated with frosting, candies, and even cookies.

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    Skeleton Graveyard Cake

    No bones about it, this graveyard cake is spooky and tasty. For the decorations, pipe meringue into bone shapes and bake to set.

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    White Ghost Cake

    A generous amount of frosting -- swirled on to look like ghostly capes -- makes a hauntingly cool impact on a basic cake. Dollop on a generous swirl of whipped topping to form ghost bodies, then add dots of black icing to serve as curious eyes.

    Editor's Tip: Add black and orange sprinkles or colored sugar for even more of a Halloween touch to this ghastly ghost cake.

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    Jack-o'-Lantern Cake

    With bright orange frosting and chocolate wafer Jack-o'-lanterns, this cake can be as friendly -- or as frightening -- as you'd like. To make, simply frost a layer cake with orange icing, then put the remainder of the icing into a cake decorating bag (fitted with a 1 or 2 tip) and pipe faces onto the cookies. Place your Jack-o'-lantern creations on top of and around the base of the Halloween cake.

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    Pumpkin Halloween Cake

    With its gumdrop stem, pumpkin shape, and pumpkin flavor, this cake both looks and tastes like Halloween. A rolled-out and curled strip of gumdrop creates the cute vines attached to the stem.

    Editor's Tip: Roll out some black gumdrops and cut into triangle shapes and assemble on the cake to create an edible Jack-o'-lantern, or use tubed chocolate frosting to pipe on the final touches.

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    Scaredy-Cat Ice Cream Cake

    With brownies and ice cream creating this cake, the black cat won't be the only one grinning. Use green apple-flavored twist candy for whiskers, gumballs for eyes, and sweet orange and yellow dyed fondant for that signature black cat grin.

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    Chocolate Spider Cake

    With a cake body and rolled wafer cookie legs, this Halloween spider cake is more likely to make your guests delightful than frightful. Use licorice, chocolate pieces, and other candies to create the creepy crawler's face.

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    Scary Skull Cake

    A scary skull cake may startle your guests, but even though it's rolling in worms, this sweet treat is still worth a try. Better yet, with our free pattern you won't have to be a mad scientist to concoct this skeleton cake.

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    Fallen Leaves Cake

    Simple, yet classic, this Halloween cake welcomes fall and all of your holiday guests. Stenciled chocolate cutouts serve as the fallen "leaves," while a dusting of confectioner's sugar helps add a special little sparkle.

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    Wizard's Hat Cake

    This Halloween cake is both magical and delicious. Fit for any wizard -- or witch -- to come your way, this wizard's hat is created using five layers of cake, a sugar cone, and plenty of chocolate frosting.

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    Halloween Cheesecake

    This cheesecake has a Halloween disguise: shards of orange candy coating, whipped dessert topping, and plenty of sprinkles. Leave it to your guests to decide what wins the costume contest!

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    Lollipop Halloween Cake

    Transform a round layer cake from ordinary to extraordinary just in time for Halloween by using chocolate frosting and lollipops. To make, trim lollipop sticks so the candy portion just peeks out over the edge of the cake. Next remove wrappers and press into the side of the cake to create a festive and whimsical edge.

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    Eyeball Pie

    Every goblin at the party will have their eye on this Halloween pie. Pudding-filled tart shells are decorated with fruit and licorice to create the focal point of your monster bash.

    Editor's Tip: To turn up the fright level, serve the eyeball pie on a place mat of purple monster fur.

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    Orange-Chocolate Cake

    What this Halloween cake lacks in fright it makes up for in design. To make, use a fork to trace wavy lines into the frosting, then top the cake with candied orange slices.

    Editor's Tip: Add an extra Halloween touch by piping "Happy Halloween" or "Boo!" on the sides or top of the cake with tubed orange frosting.

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    No-Bake Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake

    With two amazing flavors -- pumpkin and cheesecake -- this tasty dessert is sure to be a hit at your next Halloween bash. You don't even have to know magic to master the signature swirls of this sweet treat, simply pour the two flavors over each other -- pumpkin, then cream cheese mixture -- and swirl with a table knife.

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    Halloween Witch Cake

    Two stacked angel food cakes (tinted with green food coloring) create this wicked witch's face, decorated with dyed green frosting and other tasty treats. Use frosting as adhesive to attach eyes, warts, a candy peanut nose, and licorice eyebrows and mouth. Slice fruit strips for hair and top with a witch-worthy hat from the crafts store.

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    Monster Face Cake

    With the help of candies and plenty of orange frosting, this monster face cake has enough personality to go around. To turn up the fright level, decorate one side of the cake with a scary face and the other side with a silly face. The split personality turns this Halloween cake into a spooky centerpiece as well as a tempting dessert.

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    Spooky Spice Cake

    This spooky spice cake also holds Halloween tricks and treats for all of your Halloween goblins and guests. Enjoy the sugar and spice in both the cake's recipe and festive decorations.

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    Jack-o'-Lantern Cheesecakes

    These cheesecakes may be miniature, but they still pack quite a Halloween punch. Jack-o'-lantern-face gingersnaps top creamy mini pumpkin cheesecakes for a yummy flavor pairing -- and a cute table display! Use Halloween-theme cupcake liners for even more festive flair.

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