Super-Speedy Halloween Treats

If you need a Halloween snack in a flash, these recipes fit the bill: They're easy to make and scarily fun.

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Chocolate Witch Hats

    Sandwich a layer of chocolate frosting between purchased chocolate cookies for a hat brim. Top with a chocolate ice cream cone, held in place with more frosting. Use frosting bags with decorative tips to embellish the witch hats.

Party Mix in a Cauldron

    A mixture of bones and body parts, this easy party mix is a combination of 4 cups of pretzels, 6 cups of dry cereals, and 1 cup of peanuts coated in 2 cups of melted white chocolate baking pieces (mixed with 1 tablespoon shortening). Mix and match ingredients according to your taste, and serve in a cauldron.

Bat Cookies

    With loads of chocolate and yummy ingredients, these winged bats will fly right off the plate.

Silly Popcorn Treats

    Halloween candies make these popcorn balls extra special.

Graveyard Gravel Fudge

    Shape "stones" from an easy shortcut fudge, and roll them in cocoa powder dust. They look frighteningly like the real thing.

Handy Pretzels

    Hand these fingerlike treats over to guests as an eerie party buffet offering. Dip large pretzel sticks into melted white candy coating and add nails of sliced almonds. Display the fingers in a jar covered with an old shirt cuff.

White-as-a-Ghost Pops

    Food always tastes better when served on a stick. These cereal ghosts are dipped in melted candy coating.

Pumpkin Patch Orange Slices

    These cute pumpkin confections come together with candy orange slices and gumdrops.

Cauldron Cupcakes

    Cupcakes are always yummy to eat -- even when they look like witch's cauldrons. The brewing concoction in the scooped-out center of a cupcake is made from pudding, gel frosting, and tiny candies.

Pretzel Skeletons

    Eek! There's a skeleton on that plate! He's made with pretzel sticks and cheese spread, and sure to tickle a child's funny bone.

Flying Vampire Treat

    Feed vampire fans this chocolaty treat. Cut out bat wing shapes from rolled fruit snacks, wrap the ends around toothpicks, and stick into the sides of a small chocolate-covered doughnut. Use gel frosting in a tube to draw fangs around the doughnut hole. Using a dab of frosting, stick two small red candy-covered chocolate pieces above the fangs to serve as eyes. Roll two small cones out of rolled fruit snacks and stick into the top of the doughnut for ears.

Witch's Warts Canapes

    Pile hot dog slices with ingredients like chopped onion, mustard, ketchup, and shredded cheese for these unsightly, but yummy, snacks.

Spider Cupcake

    Make him happy, make him sad, or make him angry. The spider's mood depends upon the frosting and candies used to decorate him. Nestle him in his web with his minions.

Spooky Cookies on a Stick

    Pose your favorite Halloween posse on sticks for a fun and mess-free way to snack.

Frankenstein's Mask

    Who knew Frankenstein was so sweet? The little monsters at your Halloween party will gobble these up -- and probably ask for seconds!

Vampire Cupcake

    This sweet treat -- made with Fruit Roll-Ups, hard candies, and chocolate candies -- will delight all your favorite little ghouls and goblins.

Sticks Party Mix

    Sticks and stones may break your bones, but this snack will never hurt you. Use the ingredients listed or try mixing your own special combination.

Mice Cookies

    You won't have to set a trap for these mice. Hungry kids will get rid of these spice cookie mice in no time.

Black Cat Brownies

    Quick! Finish these cat brownies before they cross anyone's path and bestow bad luck. Form these felines from a pan of cooled brownies by using a cat-shape cookie cutter. Add two small red candies for eyes.

Wicked Witch's Popcorn Hat

    Decorate this treat witch-ever way you want. To summon up an oddball spirit, go wacky with crazy colors. For something a little more wicked, choose traditional black and orange food coloring pastes. Either way, the popcorn-and-candy snack hints that a wayward crone has passed these parts, casting a colorfully crazy spell on your party.

Boneyard Cookies

    Guest will think you took a trip to the cemetery to get these skeletal treats. Spread peanut butter on a bone-shape graham cracker (we used Scooby Snacks) and place another one on top of it. Dip the sandwiches into melted white candy coating. For a fresh, dug-from-the-graveyard look, dust with a dirtlike coating of cocoa powder.

Tombstone Cereal Bars

    How do you make spirits rise? Simply dig around in the cereal cupboard and whip up a batch of cute and kooky graveyard grub.

Puzzle Cookies

    Purchased cookie dough is the key to creating these festive and puzzling sweets.

Cocoa Cat Cookies

    Bake and decorate a litter of these witch's cats. The dough is a brew of orange and chocolate flavors.

More Halloween Treats

    Learn how to make easy yet clever Halloween cookies by starting with store-bought cookies or refrigerated cookie dough.

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