Use Junk to Create Unique Halloween Pumpkins

Search through the junk drawer and the garage to find odds and ends perfect for making these junk jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween.


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    • Fall Pumpkin Decoration

      Spell out a friendly or scary message on pumpkins for your front porch. Secure antique skeleton keys to create a message like FALL or EEK!

    • Industrial Clock Pumpkin

      Think beyond the jack-o'-lantern face when decorating your pumpkin, and transform it into an industrial work of art. Here, different gears and springs are put together to form a clockface.

      Editor's Tip: If a piece of your junk pumpkin comes loose, wedge a scrap piece of wood or a toothpick into the pumpkin to hold the embellishment in place.

    • Make Your Own Junk Pumpkin

      To create your own junk pumpkins, hunt down a wide variety of, well, junk. Think old washers, springs, tacks, keys, nuts, bolts, and anything that catches your eye. Be cautious about sharp edges and pieces with pointy ends. Use a muffin tin to sort the different types of junk you collect.

    • Little Ladybug Pumpkin

      This ladybug pumpkin sports upholstery-tack spots, a wing-nut head, and nail feet. Sturdy 18-gauge wire forms the antennae.

    • Decorate White Pumpkins

      White pumpkins embellished with junk are a perfect complement to shabby chic decor. The butterflies are made from old door hinges nailed to the pumpkin, and the antennae are created from 18-gauge wire. The other pumpkins in this trio are dressed with vintage keys and upholstery tacks.

    • Pumpkin Stagecoach

      This pumpkin may not be as elegant as Cinderella's stagecoach, but it still captures the imagination with corn planters for wheels, a soap dish for the driver's seat, a drawer pull for the door, and a sink drain for the window.

    • Mice Pumpkins

      Tiny gourds come to life as miniature mice with wire whiskers, an upholstery-tack nose, and nail feet.

    • Trash to Treasure Pumpkin

      Odds and ends destined for the trash bin are rescued, reused, and recycled for these industrious pumpkins. Bits and pieces are engineered to form faces and embellishments for a new take on the classic jack-o'-lantern. This pumpkin sports a drainpipe mouth, caster ears, and two eyes made out of brackets.

      Editor's Tip: After creating a junk pumpkin, avoid leaving it out in the sun too long -- the metal pieces will get hot (which could accelerate decomposition).

    • Junk Yard Dog Pumpkin

      Most canines found roaming junk yards are not very friendly. But this junk yard dog is harmless and cute. The head is held onto the body by a stake, which is driven into both pumpkins.

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      Meet the Junk Pumpkins

      This gang of junk pumpkins is an ensemble of all kinds of looks. Each one of them is crafted from different materials. See the next slides for instructions on how to make each of these junk pumpkins.

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      Pumpkins with Fancy Headpieces

      Crown a regal pumpkin with a hat of garden fencing (left in photo) or top a jack-o'-lantern with curly "locks" from old bed springs (right).

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      Wheels are Turning Pumpkin

      This pumpkin sports a wheel-top head and a nozzle nose.

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      Dapper & Dandy Pumpkin

      Clearly a cut above the rest, this mustached gentleman wears a top hat fashioned from a furnace duct fitting. He also features pulleys for eyes and a coat-hook nose.

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      Smiling Junk Pumpkin

      A section of rusted chain forms a goofy grin for this happy pumpkin. A doorknob and old faucet handles are repurposed as a nose and pair of eyes, respectively. The pumpkin is topped with a metal funnel hat with a wheel brim.

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      More pumpkin decorating ideas

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      This Halloween, create artistic pumpkins with paint, fun embellishments, and little (to no!) carving.
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