Popular in Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Perfect Painted Pumpkins

Think it takes too much time to a pumpkin? Why not try painting a pumpkin using our easy instructions.

To paint a pumpkin, try these tips:

  • Test latex or acrylic paints on a hidden spot on the pumpkin. Pumpkins have a waxy surface that repels some paints.
  • Use a latex primer if you want to change the color of the pumpkin.
  • After the primer has dried, brush or spray a coat of paint onto the entire pumpkin. For deeper color, apply a second coat.
  • Paint designs with latex or acrylic paint using a fine-tip artist's brush. Or try an acrylic paint pen for greater control.
  • Age the surface with an antiquing stain, if desired. 
  • Apply a coat of polyurethane to protect the painted design and to make the pumpkin shine.

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Painting Artificial Pumpkins

The combo of bright colors, polka dots, and glitter adds glam to artificial pumpkins. See the link below for tips on how to paint them.

How to paint this pumpkin


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