Nocturnal Creatures Centerpiece

Add creepy creatures to your Halloween table with this easy project.

What You Need

white pumpkins


How to Make It

  1. Spray the pumpkin surfaces with acrylic spray varnish and let dry. This will allow the paint to adhere to the pumpkins.
  2. Trace the patterns and transfer the designs onto the pumpkins.
  3. Using an artist's brush that best fits the area, paint the designs with black acrylic; let dry. Spray on a final application of varnish; let dry.
  4. Cut bat shapes from black card stock.
  5. Cut various lengths of floral wire and apply black spray paint; let dry.
  6. Use black tape to attach a card stock bat to each length of floral wire.
  7. Arrange the painted pumpkins on a black tray, and stick the wired bats into one of the pumpkins.