Pumpkin Decorating

If pumpkin carving isn't for you, don't worry -- our Halloween pumpkin decorating ideas and projects yield eye-popping pumpkin displays without the goopy mess. Our easy no-carve pumpkins include ideas for decorating pumpkins with ribbon, stickers, faux flowers, paint, and more. If you like the idea of painting pumpkins for Halloween, check out our quick and easy painted pumpkin ideas -- we show you how to turn pumpkins into larger-than-life caterpillars, candy corn, and cats. You can use an apple corer to create pretty pumpkin designs in a pinch, or add lace and metal to make a folk art pumpkin. Our fresh pumpkin decorating ideas will give you creative new ways to display Halloween pumpkins on your front porch. Adorn your pumpkins with buttons, rhinestones, dried fruit, and more for a unique twist on your pumpkin decorating. You can even use things from your junk drawer to create no-carve Halloween pumpkins; just gather old gears, springs, nuts, bolts, and anything else that catches your eye -- in no time at all, you'll have a family of junk pumpkins with funny faces. Learn how pumpkin first appeared in the history of Halloween.


Clever Pumpkin Decorating Ideas
Fresh Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Paint, sculpt, or embellish your pumpkins with our fun decorating ideas.

Fast No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Create these pretty, mess-free pumpkins with an apple corer -- no carving required!

Funny Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Decorate your home and yard with these cleverly carved pumpkins that are sure to bring smiles.

Everything in Pumpkin Decorating
Creative Ideas for Pumpking Decorating
Painted Pumpkins
Constructed Pumpkins
  • Birdhouse Pumpkin

    Transform your pretty pumpkin into a home for whacky homemade birds.

  • Black Cat Pumpkin

    If you're superstitious, you won't want to cross this creepy cat's path!

  • Copper-Leafed Pumpkin

    Add a shimmery touch to your simple pumpkin display with copper-embossed leaves.

  • Dressed-Up Pumpkins

    Fill your patio with pumpkin people. Give each pumpkin a different personality.

  • Junk-o'-Lanterns

    Don't want to carve pumpkins this year? Make faces from old junk found around the house.

  • Pumpkin Ballerina

    Create a pumpkin display that's just like your little ballerina to welcome trick-or-treaters.

  • Sequin-Striped Pumpkin

    Give your pumpkin a simple sparkle that's sweet instead of spooky.

  • Silver Swirl Pumpkin

    Want a whimsical way to decorate your pumpkin? Use silver solder to create a unique design.

  • Snowman Pumpkin

    If you don't have snow, create a jolly snowmanlike fellow to greet ghoulish guests.

  • The Crow's Hideout

    Quick and easy, this pumpkin decoration makes a great greeter or simple centerpiece.


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