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Your Best Photos: Halloween Pumpkins

You share our enthusiasm for Halloween jack-o'-lanterns. Check out these great pumpkin designs submitted by BHG.com readers.


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    • Howlin' Good Time

      Submitted by: training11

      This reader used our dog-breed stencils to create these pumpkins, which were given as favors for a Howl-oween party.

    • Pumpkin Portraiture

      Submitted by: mdphproctor

      Benny the boxer is very proud of his look-alike pumpkin.

    • Strike a Pose

      Submitted by: Hayleevance

      This cute little Pomeranian, Dorie, is striking a pose just like she did when modeling for her pumpkin.

    • All Ears

      Submitted by: travel38

      This little dog's ears are too cute. They look great on the pumpkin, too.

    • A "Golden" Halloween

      Submitted by: nancyjeanneshar

      This pumpkin was carved in honor of 10-year-old golden retriever, Jolly, who's battling fibrosarcoma.

    • As Nature Intended

      Submitted by: gkgable

      This creative reader could have simply cut the unusually long pumpkin stem shorter. Instead, the pumpkin was turned on its side and crafted into a snail jack-o'-lantern. The snail features tacks as eyes and bendy straws as antennae.

    • For the Birds

      Submitted by: christina.ward4

      Each penguin gourd has its own expression, giving the band of birds a lot of personality.

    • Details, Details

      Submitted by: crispy.kim

      Intricate carving and great Halloween scenes make these ordinary pumpkins extraordinary works of art.

    • Band Together

      Submitted by: barbara cox

      No two pumpkins are alike in this grouping of grinning gourds, which makes a mesmerizing Halloween display.

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      Wicked Witch

      Submitted by: tara3747706

      Using the stem as the nose is a great idea. But we love the addition of a witch's wig and hat!

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      Haunted Pumpkin

      Submitted by: justnzgrl23

      This frightening carved face is even scarier when lit up.

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      Sponge Bob

      Submitted by: rayzzor_ggw

      Cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants gets his silly caricature carved into a pumpkin with impeccable attention to detail.

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      Submitted by: rayzzor_ggw

      We wonder how many snacks Scooby-Doo will get trick-or-treating this Halloween.

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      Wedding Pumpkins

      Submitted by: rayzzor_ggw

      These beautifully carved pumpkins create a seasonal tablescape for a newly married couple.

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      Pumpkin Gathering

      Submitted by: JoyceB22

      A whole lot of creativity went into all the carving shown here -- every pumpkin is unique.

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      Express Yourself

      Submitted by: jmscope01

      The bold, rounded features of these jack-o'-lanterns are a twist on the classic facial cutouts. The really stand out at night.

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      Spill Your Guts

      Submitted by: Milehismile

      A pumpkin-gut vomiting pumpkin? Now that's a creative way to be disgusting!

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      Best Pals

      Submitted by: Harlessjulie

      A likely pair, the witch and cat make the purr-fect Halloween duo.

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      The Fall Guy

      Submitted by: skeeter28

      With his stacked body and twiggy arms, this pumpkin borrows style ideas from his friend, the snowman.

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      Pretty for Autumn

      Submitted by: rayzzor_ggw

      An elegant pumpkin display captures the beauty of fall and is a nice change from the usual scary or silly scenes.

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      Funny Guy

      Submitted by: spo1

      A silly, unexpected look on a standard orange pumpkin makes us smile. The round gourd nose is especially clever.

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      Sitting Pretty

      Submitted by: diane_marie_morrow

      Mama and baby scarecrows are topped with painted-pumpkin heads and propped in a pile of leaves.

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      Repurposed Pumpkin

      Submitted by: tnkrbllv

      What a great idea -- recycling Mr. Potato Head parts to create a pirate pumpkin face.

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      Scary Clown Face

      Submitted by: denyceangel_40

      Pennywise the Clown (inspired by the character in Stephen King's "It") is a real pumpkin handpainted with acrylics. This frightening face is more likely to get shrieks of horror than giggles of delight.

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      Cream of the Crop

      Submitted by: jodystub

      These three gigantic pumpkins weigh in at 273 pounds, 300-1/2 pounds, and 453 pounds, respectively.

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      Double Duty

      Submitted by: florence.colletti3281696

      These eye-catching metallic pumpkins would work well for both Halloween and Thanksgiving décor.

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