Silly-Face Pumpkin Stencils

Try one or more of our silly-face pumpkin stencils. You can download the stencils for free, and they're easy to use. You'll be pleased with the results -- in fact, they're so impressive, people will think you hired a professional!

Download the free patterns for this project. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.)


Big Lips Pumpkin If you're looking for a glamour-girl pumpkin this year, here's your pattern.


Clown Pumpkin Put on a happy face with this clown-look pattern that smiles.


Silly Smile Triangular eyes above a roman nose and wavy smile make a fun look.


Goofy Pumpkin Go ahead, be a little goofy with this two-tooth smile.


Winking Pumpkin Carve a face with a mischievous look.


Funny Face Exaggerated features give this pumpkin face a hilarious twist.