Royal Court Pumpkins for Halloween

Regality reigns supreme at Halloween with these king and queen pumpkins. Display them in garden urns to give them the superiority they deserve.

What You'll Need

Royal Court Pumpkins for Halloween

  • 3 Pumpkins (insides removed)
  • Carving tools (knife, gouge)
  • Large rhinestones or faux jewels
  • Crafts glue
  • Pearls
  • Pearl-headed corsage pins
  • Skewers
  • Length of faux fur (long enough to go around pumpkin's base)
  • Length of lace (long enough to go around pumpkin's base)
  • Hot-glue gun and hotmelt adhesive


How to Make It

  1. Transfer the face patterns onto two of the gutted pumpkins. Using a knife or other carving tool, cut out the eye and mouth openings. With a gouge, cut the facial lines, going just deep enough to reveal the pumpkin's inner flesh.
  2. Cut your royal crowns from the top and bottom of the third pumpkin, scalloping your cut for the crown's prongs (see photo). With a gouge, cut out areas in the crowns for the jewels (see pattern). Attach gems to the gouged areas with crafts glue. Thread the pearls onto the corsage pins and pin them to the scalloped edge of one of the crowns.
  3. Use skewers to attach the crowns to the tops of the pumpkins. Hot-glue strips of faux fur and lace as collars around the bases of the pumpkins.
  4. (Optional) Place pumpkins on top of garden urns to display.