Halloween Pumpkins: From Stencils to Carved

Finally, a great way to select a pumpkin carving pattern! See a stencil, then go to the next slide to see the actual carved pumpkin. To make, print the PDF, then size the pattern on a copier if needed. Tape it to your pumpkin and outline the pattern with pinpricks before carving your masterpiece. Simply log onto BHG.com and register (it's free).

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Jack-o'-Lantern Pumpkin Pattern
Jack-in-a-Jack Pumpkin Stencil

    Carve this grinner into your pumpkin to set a spooky Halloween mood.

Carved Jack-in-a-Jack Pumpkin

    The fun pumpkin-in-a-pumpkin is a cool effect.

1 Stencil, 5 Jack-o'-Lanterns

    If one pumpkin face just isn't enough, carve five instead -- all on one pumpkin.

Carved 1 Stencil, 5 Jack-o'-Lanterns

    Although this stencil takes some time to carve, the results are stunning.

Flying Witch Stencil

    A witch on a late-night flight is sure to turn your yard into a frightening gathering ground for trick-or-treaters.

Carved Flying Witch Stencil

    The moon carves out to make this pumpkin really glow.

Cat-o'-Lantern Stencil

    This cute cat hides behind a grinning pumpkin.

Carved Cat-o'-Lantern Stencil

    The cat carving becomes the background when you finish your jack-o'-lantern.

Ghostly Greeter Stencil

    Greet guests with this ghostly pumpkin -- guaranteed to give a fright.

Carved Ghostly Greeter Stencil

    This guy is a cinch to carve and really glows in the night.

Cat in the Moon Stencil

    A spooky black cat's tail filters the light shining from the moon in this stencil.

Carved Cat in the Moon Stencil

    Be sure to follow the pattern closely; this stencil alternates carved and not-carved areas, such as the fence posts.

Boo Kitty Stencil

    Although this cat has a spooky message, she's anything but scary.

Carved Boo Kitty Stencil

    The cat's eyes, ears, and mouth really stand out in the finished pumpkin carving.

Haunted Tree Stencil

    This tree is so creepy even the bats don't want to hang from the branches.

Carved Haunted Tree Stencil

    Detailed, thin lines make this carving a bit time-consuming, but the results are worth it.

Nervous Face Stencil

    A nervous pumpkin face will make guests wary of what might be lurking in the shadows.

Carved Nervous Face Stencil

    This guy gets even more expressive when he's carved.

Angry Face Stencil

    An angry pumpkin face will have trick-or-treaters approaching the front door with caution.

Carved Angry Face Stencil

    Glaring eyes become glowing when you get a candle inside this jack-o'-lantern.

Trick-or-Treat Stencil

    This pumpkin will have kids wondering if they're in for a trick or a treat.

Carved Trick-or-Treat Stencil

    The message really pops after you've finished carving. The stars also add a nice glowing effect.

Witch Stencil

    A witchy pumpkin creates a cackling good mood for Halloween night.

Carved Witch Stencil

    Bet your trick-or-treaters will love this glowing witch face on your doorstep.

Tombstone Stencil

    Create a graveyard by carving this stencil on loads of pumpkins and placing them about the lawn.

Carved Tombstone Stencil

    Instead of carving, scrape out this design for a daytime stunner that will also last longer than a carved pumpkin.

Holiday Must-Have: Making Faces Pumpkin Carving Kit

    Make carving your fun faces easier with this great kit.

    You can delight children and adults alike with "spook-tacular" pumpkin designs you carve yourself.

Cat on a Broom Stencil

    This joy-riding feline must have ditched the witch for this broom ride.

Carved Cat on a Broom Stencil

    The full moon offers a large opening for light to come through your carving.

Owl Stencil

    This owl stencil is a hoot. Wire small glass beads to his eyes for a glowing effect.

Carved Owl Stencil

    The glass beads strung from wire take this stencil up a notch.

Hanging Bat Stencil

    Kids will be hanging around your yard when you display this bat pumpkin.

Carved Hanging Bat Stencil

    As a fun addition, wire-on a twig for your carved bat to hang from.

Spider Stencil

    Create a web of mystery by adding this stencil to a plump pumpkin and placing it in your yard.

Carved Spider Stencil

    The legs and body on this spider are simple shapes -- this design is particularly easy to carve.

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