Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas and Patterns

Entertain the neighbors with these creative pumpkin carving patterns for your Halloween jack-o?-lantern.

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Funny Face
Funny Face Pumpkins

    No need to worry about your carving skills with these goofy pumpkins -- their crooked smiles are charmingly imperfect. Mix it up by scraping off a facial feature or two (rather than carving all the way through) to reveal the pumpkin flesh underneath.

Scarecrow on Duty

    Set a Halloween scene with this scarecrow display on a front porch chair or yard bench. Pose the artificial birds as desired, then wire the pieces in place to keep the display intact throughout the season.

Beware the Pumpkins

    Letters or words carved into your pumpkins send your guests a spooky message. Carve one letter or word per pumpkin.

Something to Crow About

    Create this eerie crow jack-o-lantern to set out on Halloween night. The watchful bird is perched on the sill of a "window" carved into a bright orange pumpkin.

Monster Mash

    Create this scream-worthy mummy pumpkin by carving oddly shaped slits into the surface of a green pumpkin.

Just for Laughs Pumpkin

    Turn on the smiles with a goofy smiling pumpkin for Halloween this year. Crooked teeth, a big nose, and expressive eyebrows add to this jack-o'-lantern's charm.

Tower of Pumpkin Power

    This impressive tower of pumpkins includes faces that are whimsical, scary, and downright silly.

Bird Brain

    This jack-o'-lantern is for the birds. Download the free pattern and transfer it onto a pumpkin. Using a knife or carving tools, cut out the openings. Cut the lid with a zigzag edge. Wind wire around the feet of the artificial birds, position them as desired (using the photo as a guide), and poke the wire ends into the pumpkin to secure the birds in place.

Rough-and-Tumble Pumpkin

    Choose a dirty or not-quite-ripe pumpkin to create a face that looks like it has bumps and bruises. Transfer our free pattern to the pumpkin, then cut out the openings with a knife or carving tool. Use a knife to slice the bottoms off two gourds. Attach the gourd bottoms in the eye openings using wooden skewers. Cut a piece of cockscomb and insert into the head opening above the right eye using wooden skewers. Hot-glue candy corn to a piece of heavy paper that fits the mouth opening (the candy will melt slightly), then hot-glue the paper inside the mouth.

Cemetery Markers

    These pumpkin versions of grave markers are far more creative than the expected wooden or foam ones. Create a design on a computer, print out, enlarge, and carve into a fresh or faux pumpkin.

No Tricks, Just Treats

    Lure trick-or-treaters to the sweet stuff with this trio of pumpkins dressed as wrapped candies. The candy-lined path is sure to bring a parade of costumed ghosts, superheroes, and princesses to your door on Halloween night.

Halloween Catchphrase

    Use a trio of pumpkins to spell "boo" this Halloween. Download our free stencil and trace one letter onto one pumpkin. Gouge the letters into the pumpkins, revealing the pumpkin skin.

Drill a Pumpkin

    Whether evenly spaced dots or random designs, this pumpkin project is a quick way to decorate for Halloween.

Set the Scene

    Cast shadows on Halloween with this nighttime sky design, complete with stars, a moon, and flying bats.

Creature Cutouts

    Simple shapes carved into pumpkin shells make a bold Halloween statement -- especially when you add embellishments.

Pumpkins Aglow

    Carve a whole patch of glowing jack-o'-lanterns. This twinkling arrangement of pumpkins is perfect for greeting trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. Make a few polka-dot pumpkins (simply draw circles onto the pumpkin surface and carve) for a fun addition to your posse of jack-o'-lanterns.

Willard the Warlock Pumpkin

    Black iridescent marbles give this wrinkly old fellow (carved into a gray pumpkin) a spooky gaze.

Return of the Mummy

    Wide swaths of orange were cut away to resemble a mummy face wrapping. An eyeball and a few stray teeth add to the creepy illusion!

Boo Avenue Mansion

    Haunt your abode with a haunted house pumpkin. Use the mini mansion as a frightening centerpiece for your next Halloween party.

Monogram Pumpkins

    Let all who come knocking on your door know whose haunted lair they're approaching with a monogrammed pumpkin carved with our free alphabet stencils.

Creepin' Cat Pumpkin

    This clever pumpkin made of foam will last for many eerie Halloweens to come.

Flame-Design Pumpkin Stencils

    Create a family-friendly bonfire by carving pumpkins with flame designs.

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