Our Best Pumpkin Carving Videos

Have your best Halloween yet with our great techniques and tips for pumpkin carving. We'll demo the basics, plus some outside-of-the-box carving tools and inspiration.

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    How to Pick a Pumpkin

    Before you hit the patch, check out this tutorial on how to pick the perfect pumpkin for your carving project.

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    How to Carve a Pumpkin

    Get the basics on pumpkin carving with this must-watch tutorial!

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    How to Etch a Pumpkin

    Sometimes carving partway into a pumpkin gives it interesting dimension. Etched pumpkins also last longer in your displays.

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    How to Drill a Pumpkin

    Get creative with your carving! We're demonstrating a cool power-drill technique for creative pumpkin carving.

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    How to Core a Pumpkin

    Look to nontraditional tools to create stylish pumpkins. We'll show you how to use an apple corer on your Halloween pumpkins.

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    How to Use a Cookie Cutter to Carve a Pumpkin

    One of our favorite techniques for carving requires no carving tools at all! Check out our tips for making fun shapes in your pumpkins using cookie cutters.

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    How to Make a Pumpkin Planter

    Carving isn't just about faces -- see a creative way to turn your carved pumpkin into an abundant autumn display.

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    Free Face Stencils for Fun Halloween Pumpkin Carving

    Check out our pumpkin carving stencils for the best pumpkin faces for your front door. Use our free downloadable pumpkin stencils to carve Halloween jack-o'-lanterns with silly, expressive and many more faces.
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