Happy Pumpkins for Halloween

Browse our gallery of grinning happy pumpkin faces and gather some free downloadable pumpkin patterns for Halloween.

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    Goofy Smiling Pumpkins

    These offbeat jack-o'-lanterns elicit smiles -- not shrieks -- with zany bouncy-ball eyes and goofy grins (painted on using our patterns). They're easy to make and fun to display.

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    Happy Halloween Jack-o'-Lanterns

    Celebrate Halloween with this gang of grinning pumpkins. Download our party pumpkin face stencils and carve smiling eyes and wide grins. Then shape scrapbooking paper into cones, creating a variety of tall and short hats. Use tape to secure the paper in its cone shape. Cut out an assortment of circles from patterned paper and glue them to the hats for added flair. Trim some of the hat edges with paper fringe. Hot-glue the hats to the tops of the pumpkins.

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    Humpty Dumpty Pumpkin

    Perch this nursery rhyme-inspired pumpkin on a retaining wall or your front step. Although all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again, you can assemble this guy in no time.

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    Vegetable-Adorned Pumpkin Duo

    Floral shops and supermarket aisles are chock-full of colorful, whimsical facial and hair ideas for your jack-o'-lantern friends: Here, we used cucumber slices for eyes, carved potatoes for ears, and ferns for feathery strands of hair. Creating this happy pumpkin couple is easy: Cut off the tops of pumpkins or drill holes to tuck in flowers and branches. Attach other accents with pins, toothpicks, or glue.

    Editor's Tip: Use battery-operated lights to avoid the risk of fire.

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    The Pumpkin King

    Invite pumpkin royalty to your front door with this regally crowned jack-o'-lantern.

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    The Pumpkin Queen

    And what is a king without his queen? Pair our royal couple together to hold court at your front door.

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    Monstrous Pumpkins

    Goofy grins and funny eyes hardly fit the scary jack-o'-lantern archetype. So if you'd rather laugh than be scared, these friendly monster pumpkins are the perfect addition to your Halloween decor.

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    Fun Cat Pumpkin

    With her chenille stem whiskers, crafts foam ears, and pretty bow, this pretty kitty is a surefire kid favorite.

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    Smiling Halloween Pumpkin

    Create a goofy grin on your pumpkin by using an apple corer to punch perfectly round circles. The punched plugs can be used for additional features; here, the white nose is a plug from a white pumpkin. Scrape just the skin away around the punched "pupils" to create the eyes.

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    Bird Nest Pumpkin

    This silly pumpkin is all ears, which are made from hollowed-out gourds split in half. Topped with an artificial bird's nest, this guy is sure to cause a giggle from visitors.

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    Pumpkin Dog

    No need to teach this dog to sit or stay. For the dog head and body, place a large elongated pumpkin on its side and stand a smaller pumpkin upright next to it. Lay two squash on each side of the large pumpkin for back legs and two small pumpkin squash in front of the head for paws. Download our free face and ear shapes, and trace onto construction paper. Cut out the pieces and layer as shown in the photo to assemble the face and ear shapes; adhere with glue. Add a paper-chain tail to complete the pumpkin dog.

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    Pumpkin Cat

    Start this cute kitty with a medium-size pumpkin set atop a larger pumpkin. Download our free patterns, cut out construction-paper features, and glue paper ears, nose, eyes, and mouth to the top pumpkin. Insert wire whiskers on each side of the nose, add a paper-chain tail, and place two small squash in front for the paws.

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    Happy Goblins Pumpkin

    These grinning ghosts are fun and frightening. This intricate design requires a steady hand, but the results are worth the effort.

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    Tabletop Pumpkin Totem

    Our totem pole made from stacking several pumpkins is a project that adds a note of pure Halloween fun to a porch, entry, or tabletop.

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    Five Jack-'O-Lanterns Pumpkin

    There are multiple individual pumpkin faces in this carving design -- each with a unique expression.

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    Goofy Group of Pumpkins

    These pumpkin personalities play up their flaws, so don't disregard that unusually shaped or scarred pumpkin. Arrange the carving pattern in a way that enhances a pumpkin's imperfections.

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