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Our Readers' Best Carved Pumpkins, 2008

We're impressed with your pumpkin carving skills! Here, we share our favorite Halloween pumpkin carvings submitted by BHG.com users.


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    • Halloween Scenes


      Why we picked this: We think the harsh lines in the scarecrow scene make the carving very effective.

    • Halloween Scenes

      A Scary Skull

      Why we picked this: Eek! This face is especially scary for a pumpkin carving. The details of the face and mouth must have taken some thought.

    • Halloween Scenes

      Simple Carvings

      Why we picked this: The marker drawings and carved shapes work really well together in these festive Halloween pumpkins. Plus, they look easy to replicate with some creative planning.

    • Halloween Scenes

      Flying Witch

      Why we picked this: We think this witch flying over a graveyard is clever and crafty.

    • Halloween Scenes

      Crying Wolf

      Why we picked this: This abstract Halloween scene is unique. To us, it looks like a wolf howling at the moon. Or maybe it's wild horses. What do you see?

    • Halloween Scenes

      Spooky Ghost

      Why we picked this: Simple yet scary, this Halloween character was created by removing simple shapes from the pumpkin's shell. We love it!

    • Halloween Scenes

      A Wink for You

      Why we picked this: We couldn't help but smile when we saw this carving.

    • Halloween Scenes


      Why we picked this: Watch out! This face has a spooky Halloween story to tell.

    • Halloween Scenes

      Freaky Faces

      Why we picked this: The repeated shapes really pop when these pumpkins are aglow.

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      Why we picked this: We're impressed by the detail of this SpongeBob SquarePants carving.

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      Why we picked this: Will the real Tigger please stand up? This carving looks just like him.

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      Mike from Monsters, Inc.

      Why we picked this: We really like the texture that was created when carving Mike. Showing the inside layers of the pumpkin is a great effect.

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      You Go, Mario

      Why we picked this: It's hard to even tell this is a pumpkin carving. Very well done!

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      Edward Scissorhands

      Why we picked this: We think this profile of Edward Scissorhands looks like it came right out of the movie. Which also makes us wonder: Can Edward carve a pumpkin?

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      Lightning McQueen

      Why we picked this: Lightning McQueen, a character from the Disney movie Cars, looks ready to race.

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      Goofy Glow

      Why we picked this: This Goofy pumpkin really gives off an orange glow!

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      Cats & Creatures

      Fierce Dragon

      Why we picked this: The detail of this dragon carving is extraordinary. We wonder how long this took to finish.

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      Cats & Creatures

      Pumpkin Kitty

      Why we picked this: Meow. Cat lovers all over the world will love this feline close-up.

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      Cats & Creatures

      Creepy Crawler

      Why we picked this: The eerie orange glow coming from this pumpkin gives off a spooky effect. We like how the spider is going for a pumpkin, too.

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      Cats & Creatures

      Cat on the Moon

      Why we picked this: We really like the jagged look of the cat's body. Great detail!

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      Ships & Logos

      Pirate Ship of the Caribbean

      Why we picked this: Although the pumpkin isn't real, the carving is. Check out the next slide to see it lit up.

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      Ships & Logos

      Pirate Ship of the Caribbean

      Why we picked this: We're very impressed with the realistic details on this silhouette of a pirate's ship.

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      Ships & Logos


      Why we picked this: Very clever! We like the idea of going hog wild when carving out a logo.

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      More real photos from readers!

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