Free Face Stencils for Fun Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Use our free downloadable pumpkin stencils to carve Halloween jack-o'-lanterns with silly, expressive faces.

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Pumpkin Face 2
Squinty Eyes Stencil

    This laughing fellow makes a delightful addition to your pumpkin display.

Starry-Eyed Pumpkin Stencil

    This starry-eyed guy has big plans -- he's all smiles and ready to charm trick-or-treaters.

Basic Shapes Pumpkin Face

    Big X eyes, a triangle nose, and a railroadlike mouth make this grinner a fun, basic carving design to try.

Wicked Grin Pumpkin Stencil

    A jagged grin is just part of this pumpkin's spooky appeal -- his bright eyes will really glow with a candle inside.

Googly Eyes Stencil

    This silly pumpkin is sure to enhance your Halloween porch.

Scared Face Stencil

    Give your pumpkin the look of wide-eyed surprise with this stencil.

Frankenstein's Monster Stencil

    Let a famous Halloween monster take center stage on your jack-o'-lantern.

Dorky Face Stencil

    This guy's so sweetly happy that you're carving pumpkins this Halloween.

Jumbled Face Stencil

    A goofy grin and crossed eyes make this pumpkin stencil a real hoot.

Skeleton Stencil

    Let a skeleton grin from the front of your pumpkin this Halloween.

Cross-Eyed Stencil

    A pair of crossed eyes and an X for a nose make this guy a fun addition to your Halloween display.

Undercover Stencil

    Play it cool with a sunglass-sporting stencil face.

Great Ape Stencil

    Wild eyes make this a menacing monkey face to carve for Halloween.

Baby Face Stencil

    A silly tongue and big eyes enhance an oh-so-cute pumpkin face.

Vampire Stencil

    Sink your teeth into a vampire-inspired pumpkin face, featuring fangs and glaring eyes.

Bucktooth Stencil

    Check out this guy's two front teeth -- we bet trick-or-treaters will take a second glance!

Goatee Guy Stencil

    Carve a cool-guy pumpkin with a swank goatee.

Ghost Face Stencil

    Let this hauntingly fun guy guide the way for your pumpkin carving this Halloween.

Clown Face Stencil

    Go for laughs -- this big-nosed clown adds a bit of spry fun to your Halloween display.

Goofy Face Stencil

    Long eyelashes and an impossibly big grin highlight this fun pumpkin face.

Silly Face Stencil

    Chuckle along with this funny-faced goof. His crossed eyes, two teeth, and tongue make him especially expressive.

Skull-and-Crossbones Stencil

    This classic symbol of Halloween transforms a pumpkin into a bone-chilling display.

LOL Stencil

    This guy's a hoot! You'll be laughing out loud as you carve him this Halloween.

One-Tooth Jack-o'-Lantern Stencil

    An upturned nose, glancing eyes, and single tooth make up this pumpkin's fanciful face.

Holiday Must-Have: Making Faces Pumpkin Carving Kit

    Make carving your fun faces easier with this great pumpkin carving kit.

    Delight children and adults alike by carving "spooktacular" pumpkin designs.

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