Carve a Fallen-Witch Pumpkin

Turn a plain pumpkin into a fallen Halloween witch in just a few simple steps.

What You Need:

For a list of tools, tips, and techniques, such as transferring your pattern, please see


How To Make It:

fallen pumpkin black boots

  1. Transfer the pattern onto the pumpkin, using the stem for the nose.
  2. Using a knife or carving tools, cut out the openings.
  3. Use a gouge to cut into the eyes and cut lines around the eyes, cutting just deep enough to reveal the pumpkin's inner rind.
  4. Choose two long, sturdy tree branches from your yard for legs. Wrap each with white and red duct tape, alternating the colors.
  5. Place the witch hat on the ground with the pumpkin face upside-down on top.
  6. Push legs into the ground and add shoes.
  7. Drape a cape or black fabric on the ground around the pumpkin.