How to Carve a Pumpkin

Learn how to carve a pumpkin! Our easy tutorial takes you through the clean-out and the carving, with time-tested tips on using pumpkin stencils.

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Halloween Cupcakes

Create a creepy cupcake creation that is sure to dazzle your Halloween party guests by decorating store-bought or homemade cupcakes. Our Halloween cupcake monsters, black cats, witches, and ghosts are all magic to make and decorate!

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Disguises for Halloween Treats

Dress up everyday packaged candy in silly disguises for trick-or-treat night or to use as Halloween party favors. Our sweet candy embellishments and party-favor costumes transform chocolate bars, popcorn, and more into creepy-crawly spiders, ghostly treat bags, and batty boxes. Get started with these fun and easy projects today!

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Halloween Drink Recipes

No goblin or ghoul will go thirsty at your Halloween party with these delightful party drinks and punch recipes. Concoct a kid-friendly beverage, or experiment with adults-only cocktail creations.

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4 Incredibly Cool Halloween Ideas

These must-see ideas are super fun accessories for your Halloween party. From a vampire place setting to a fresh spin on caramel apples, you'll be inspired to start creating.

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Halloween Door Decor

Welcome trick-or-treaters and party guests this Halloween with front-door accents that cast just the right spell. Our ideas for wreaths, door decorations, and entryway accents are sure to give your porch spook-tastic flair for Halloween.

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Creative Pumpkin Crafts for Halloween

From paper pumpkin crafts to pumpkin pillows, these Halloween decorations offer a great alternative to jack-o-lanterns. Cut, sew, and glue your way through our easy pumpkin craft ideas.

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Popular in Halloween

Best Reader Photos: Adorable Kids with Pumpkins

Kids and pumpkins are a cute combination at Halloween. You shared pictures of your little ones with pumpkins, inside pumpkins, and at pumpkin patches. Take a look at some of our favorites.


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    • Peekaboo

      Submitted By: DestinysAngels09

      Why We Picked It: This adorable face peeking out from the pumpkin is cuter than anything you could ever carve.

    • Eat Your Veggies!

      Submitted By: lyndsey_elrod

      Why We Picked It: When mom said to eat your veggies, we don't think she meant straight out of the pumpkin!

    • A Pumpkin for Everyone

      Submitted By: pbain212

      Why We Picked It: Smiling faces and matching Halloween outfits -- what's not to love?

    • Sit a Spell

      Submitted By: lois747

      Why We Picked It: This little girl is right -- picking out the perfect pumpkin is hard work. Sometimes you just need to sit, take a break, and think about your options.

    • My First Pumpkin

      Submitted By: debdaveb1

      Why We Picked It: He may be small, but this cutie has a strong grip on his first pumpkin. It looks like he won't let go without a fight.

    • I Thought This Was Supposed to Be Fun

      Submitted By: tbowe4309

      Why We Picked It: Her expressions says exactly how she feels about being stuck in a pumpkin: "Get me out of here!"

    • Big Bird & Baby

      Submitted By: MISSHAYLYEKIM

      Why We Picked It: With wide blue eyes, this little guy is delighted to see beloved Big Bird make an appearance on his pumpkin for Halloween.

    • Loads of Pumpkin Fun

      Submitted By: Cupfanz

      Why We Picked It: This little girl, bundled up in a warm coat, is braving some cool fall weather to pick out the perfect pumpkin.

    • Pumpkin for a Pumpkin

      Submitted By: mollyschildcare

      Why We Picked It: This pony-tailed little one has found her special pumpkin in a field of gourds nearly as big as she.

    • 10 of 23

      Enjoying Fall

      Submitted By: k_fulford

      Why We Picked It: This little guy's toothy grin shines brighter than any jack-o'-lantern's.

    • 11 of 23

      Here's Lookin' at You, Kid

      Submitted By: mmathias11

      Why We Picked It: This blue-eye baby and happy jack-o'-lantern almost have the same expression.

    • 12 of 23

      Court of Pumpkins

      Submitted By: annejeannie4

      Why We Picked It: This Queen is ruling over her painted pumpkins in her paper-bag crown and gown, crafted with help from Grandma.

    • 13 of 23

      Sealed with a Kiss

      Submitted By: Saundragoring

      Why We Picked It: We think she found "the one!"

    • 14 of 23

      Harvest Scene

      Submitted By: kylee_howen

      Why We Picked It: With dried ears of corn and a perfectly round pumpkin, this fall scene is accented with a gorgeous baby boy.

    • 15 of 23

      Surrounded by Pumpkins

      Submitted By: Nmewbourne

      Why We Picked It: Kudos for going all out with the pumpkins: from the real pumpkin to the costume, treat bucket, and toy -- and surrounded with a pumpkin photo border, too.

    • 16 of 23

      Laid-back Jack

      Submitted By: lsavoy216

      Why We Picked It: On his first Halloween, he won't have to hunt hard for candy -- we bet it will find him.

    • 17 of 23

      Treasure Hunt

      Submitted By: Sherahlynn

      Why We Picked It: Did he dig through that whole tub of pumpkins just to find the perfect one? That's dedication!

    • 18 of 23

      Pumpkin Head

      Submitted By: lisarandy1376

      Why We Picked It: This little guy decided to be his own jack-o'-lantern this year. Talk about a cute pumpkin!

    • 19 of 23

      Baby-Style Halloween

      Submitted By: leatrice_b

      Why We Picked It: An adorable Halloween fashionista, this little girl couldn't be happier in her cute orange-and-black jumper and pumpkin-print leggings.

    • 20 of 23

      Pumpkin Patch Victory

      Submitted By: Gagoings

      Why We Picked It: He's giving his prized pumpkin the royal treatment with a ride back from the patch in a little red wagon.

    • 21 of 23

      Say Pumpkin!

      Submitted By: taraj2494709

      Why We Picked It: With all those piles of pumpkins to explore, she took the time to stop for a picture and share her sunny smile with us.

    • 22 of 23

      Pumpkin Surprise

      Submitted By: lilranza89

      Why We Picked It: We think she's trying to say "Boo!"

    • 23 of 23
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      Let your friends and neighbors know which dog breed is best by carving a Halloween pumpkin that looks like your favorite canine.
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