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Dressing up for Halloween isn't just for kids and adults -- you can don your furry friend in a creative Halloween pet costume, too! Our readers have turned their pets into pumpkins, witches, pirates, food items, and princesses -- plus one lucky cat got dressed up as Elton John. To see all of their ideas check out our real photos of Halloween pet costumes. Want to take your cat trick-or-treating on Halloween (or just take some adorable photos)? Get your feline ready for the evening's festivities with a pirate costume, a witch costume, a ghost costume, or a tacky tourist costume -- all of our creative Halloween cat costumes are begging for a photo op. Next, get tons of ideas for Halloween dog costumes from reader-submitted photos. Between Harry Potter, astronaut, and firefighting dog costumes and clown, angel, and Elvis Presley dog costumes, you'll be inspired to dress up your dog in a fun costume for Halloween. Finally, our best Halloween pet costume photos give you even more dress-up directions for creepy-cool (and sometimes silly) pet costume ideas.


Free Pet Pumpkin Stencils
Free Dog Pumpkin Stencils

We've created 24 different dog pumpkin stencils from tiny chihuahuas to large Siberian huskies.

Free Cat Pumpkin Stencils

From cute domestic shorthairs to fluffy persians we've created 14 breeds of cat stencils.

Dog Pumpkin Stencil Outtakes

Dogs don't always pose so professional for photos. See our outtakes and download the stencils.

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  • Hilarious Pet Costumes

    Your furry friend wants to get decked out for the Halloween party, too! Here are some adorable pet costume ideas.

  • Devil Cat

    Some cats have a dark side. Dress up kitty like the little devil he is.

  • Zorro Dog

    Protecting you from danger, this Zorro dog costume lets your pup show his heroic tendencies.

  • Army Dog

    Get your dog rough and ready for the army with this adorable costume.

  • Queen Cat

    Treat your fancy feline like the queen she is with this costume fit for royalty.

  • Yoda Dog

    "Feed me treats, you will." This Yoda costume is perfect for your loyal companion.

  • Rodeo Dog

    Your pup wants to have a wranglin' good time, too. It's sure to "catch" some good laughs.

  • Darth Vader Dog

    Though your pooch hasn't been a bad dog, dress him up in a bad-guy costume!

  • Pirate Cat

    If your kitty has the pirate tendency to be rebellious, you might have a hard time getting him into this costume.

  • Princess Leia Dog

    The ideal companion for any Star Wars fan, your dog will be the talk of the park with this Princess Leia costume.

  • Astronaut Dog

    Houston, we have a problem. This dog costume is too adorable to take off after Halloween.


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