Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids

Add a dose of holiday fun to your spooky gatherings with these Halloween party games for kids. Many of these fun-but-never-scary game ideas include free downloads so your Halloween party doesn't have to dip into your seasonal savings.

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    Monster Bingo

    Bingo! This Halloween version of a favorite party game is fun for any age. Simply print the bingo pages and let kids make their own game cards with stickers printed from the free download. Each match gets covered with a piece of candy corn until the player has five in a row.

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    Pin the Yarn Ball on the Kitten

    This clever-cute twist on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game gives kids the chance to help a kitten at play. Setup takes minutes: Print playing pieces and the poster, and hang the latter with a decorative ribbon. Hand out paper yarn-ball cutouts to blindfolded guests and you'll be kitten around in no time!

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    Monster Eyeball Toss Game

    Monster eyes and a wacky, colorful poster add a fun monster-theme twist to a carnival classic. Simply decorate cans with downloadable monster features and have kids toss lightweight table tennis balls into the cans.

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    Yarn Ball Toss Game

    Give your Halloween games a kid-friendly twist with this colorful yarn ball toss game. Kittens compete against puppies by catching yarn-wrapped plastic foam balls. Decorate dog bowls in traditional Halloween colors and use them to keep things organized.

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    Count the Candy

    Kids of all ages will puzzle and peer into these glass jars to try to figure out how many candies the cat and friendly Count Dracula guard. Decorate the containers with Dracula figures, black cats, and hovering bats. Then fill them with candy, and see who can guess how many pieces are inside.

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    Halloween Matching Game

    Your little Halloween party guests are sure to be entertained by this simple matching game. Print out our free illustrations (you'll want two of each pattern), attach to stiff 8x8-inch double-sided patterned paper, and laminate to make the game last for Halloweens to come.

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    Candy Corn Guessing Game

    This might be the easiest ever Halloween party game for kids. Fill a clear bowl with candy corn, counting the pieces as you fill. Download and print our sign and glue it to a paint stick. Ask kids to write their names and guesses on slips of paper. Award a special carnival prize to the child with the closest guess.

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    A Party Drink Your Kids Will Love

    Make a batch of this fun, triple-layered concoction to wow kids between game-playing breaks.

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    Owl-Theme Beanbag Toss

    Use these paper-and-felt-decorated paint cans for a simple game of beanbag toss. Young players toss beanbags into the buckets, counting points by the numbers on the owls' tails. 

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    Pumpkin Shell Game

    Here's a kids Halloween party game modeled after a carnival favorite. Paint three mini wooden pails (available at crafts stores) with thinned white paint and let dry. Cut triangle-shape eyes from black electrical tape and adhere them to the pails. For the game, hide a piece of candy underneath one of the pails. Quickly slide all three of them around, then ask the kids to guess where the candy is hiding. Award points (and the candy, of course!) for a correct guess.

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    Twist-and-Turn Game

    With plenty of twists, turns, and tangles in store, kids will delight in a closeup look at the stars, spiders, jack-o'-lanterns, and ghosts lined up on this themed Twist-and-Turn game board. We have all the free game designs, so you just need to print and trim!

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    Drop in the Bucket Game

    Here's a fun Halloween party game: Paint a bucket orange. Adorn with a jack-o'-lantern face cut from black electrical tape. Let the kids try tossing a ball into the bucket. Award points and ring a bell (this one also sports a ghostly face crafted from black electrical tape) for a successful try.

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    Ghostly Pinata

    Make this apparition the centerpiece of the Halloween party. Floating crepe paper streamers give this pinata a ghostly presence.

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    Mummy Bowling

    A new twist on an old favorite, this wide-eyed mummy bowling set will make youngsters howl. This is surely a Halloween party game the kids will request year after year.

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