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Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids

Scare up more Halloween fun by crafting some unique games for your kid-friendly party.


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    • Halloween Matching Game

      Your little Halloween party guests are sure to be entertained by this simple matching game. Print out our free illustrations (you'll want two of each pattern), attach to stiff 8x8-inch double-sided patterned paper, and laminate to make the game last for Halloweens to come.

    • Owl-Theme Beanbag Toss

      Use these paper-and-felt-decorated paint cans for a simple game of beanbag toss. Young players toss beanbags into the buckets, counting points by the numbers on the owls' tails. (See next slide for directions on making beanbags.)

    • Pyramid Beanbag Details

      Petite pyramid-shape beanbags fit easily into pint-size hands. The appliqued game pieces will outlive the party and can be added to your kids' toy box once the festivities are over.

    • Halloween Tossing Game

      Get ready for a tossing game. Download and print our patterns: a sign for the Can Toss game and one to wrap each can. Measure around the cans and cut printed papers to wrap around them; secure with glue. Arrange the cans on a tiered shelf with designated points. Provide the kids with table tennis balls to toss into the cans.

    • Beanbag Game

      Create a large wall hanging from vintage Halloween clip art. Take an image to a copy shop to have it enlarged and printed. Hang it on the wall as a backdrop and set a stool in front of it. Let kids throw beanbags, trying to get as many as they can on top of the stool. Award points for each beanbag that lands (and stays) on the stool.

      See next slide for more details on making the beanbags.

    • Beanbag Details

      Make your own beanbags in a snap. Cut pairs of 3x4-inch rectangles from black-and-white fabrics. Sew with the wrong sides together, leaving a small opening. Turn the bags right side out, fill them with beans, and sew the opening closed. For a beanbag tray, cut a jack-o'-lantern face from black electrical tape, using our pattern.

    • Candy Corn Guessing Game

      Fill a clear bowl with candy corn, counting the pieces as you fill. Download and print our sign and adhere it to a paint stick (painted black) with glue. Ask kids to write their names and guesses on slips of paper. Award a special carnival prize to the child with the closest guess.

    • Pumpkin Shell Game

      Paint three mini wooden pails (available at crafts store) with thinned white paint and let dry. Cut triangle-shape eyes from black electrical tape and adhere them to the pails. For the game, hide a piece of candy underneath one of the pails. Quickly slide all three of them around, then ask the kids to guess where the candy is hiding. Award points (and the candy, of course!) for a correct guess.

    • Twist-and-Turn Game

      With plenty of twists, turns, and tangles in store, kids will delight in a closeup look at the stars, spiders, jack-o'-lanterns, and ghosts lined up on this themed Twist-and-Turn game board.

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      Drop in the Bucket Game

      Paint a bucket orange. Adorn with a jack-o'-lantern face cut from black electrical tape. Let the kids try tossing a ball into the bucket. Award points and ring a bell (this one sports a ghostly face crafted from black electrical tape) for a successful try.

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      Scavenger Hunt

      Add some fun to a party with a Halloween-theme scavenger hunt. Start the game with a riddlelike clue. Lead kids through a series of clues that eventually points to a hidden treasure. Consider the age of your intended hunters when planning the game. A younger crowd will fare better with simple, direct clues, while older kids will appreciate more challenging ones. Hosting a mix of ages? Team younger kids with older ones and vary the difficulty.

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      Sweet Victory

      Reward treasure seekers with a chestful of loot. Stock your treasure chest with candy, small toys, beaded necklaces, pretend money, and other Halloween-theme favors. Each happy kid will go home with a pirate's share of the treasure.

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      Pinata Party Game

      Fill a papier-mache pinata full of treats, then suspend from a tree branch or basketball hoop. (It's better to play the game outside unless you have a large, open room available.) Organize the kids in a line. As each child's turn comes up, blindfold him or her and provide a pinata-buster stick. Spin each child around a few times to disorient him or her, then let each child try to hit the pinata with the stick. Give each child a chance to hit the pinata before moving on to the next child.

      Stay safe by keeping the other kids away from the child hitting the pinata. Make sure each child has completely stopped swinging the stick before you let the group pick up goodies spilled when the pinata breaks open.

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      Witch's Ringtoss

      Who will be brave enough to capture the spooky witch's hat? Line up the kids so they can try their hands at this bewitching version of a classic ringtoss.

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      Pumpkin Tossing Game

      Step right up and see how many balls you can toss into the gaping mouths of these grinning pumpkins.

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      Pin the Tail on the Cat

      This is no ordinary Halloween black cat. Our cool cat is jazzed up with orange, green, and purple polka dots. Get project instructions and patterns in the link below.

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      Crystal Ball Game

      Fortune-telling is all the more fun with this bowl of mystery at hand. Write several fortunes so each guest can take one home.

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      Ghostly Pinata

      Make this apparition the centerpiece of the party. Floating crepe paper streamers give this pinata a ghostly presence.

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      Wizard Hat Ringtoss

      Another take on the classic ringtoss, this colorful version will be a hit at a Halloween bash.

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      Mummy Bowling

      A new twist on an old favorite, this wide-eyed mummy bowling set will make youngsters howl.

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