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Ghoulish Goblets

Drink at your own risk! These generous glasses playfully dare guests to take a gulp.

What You Need

  • Clear glass goblets
  • Black letter stickers: 3/8 and 1 inch
  • 1/2-inch metallic silver star stickers
  • Ribbon, cut in 10-inch lengths
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  1. Wash and dry the goblets.
  2. Decide on letter placement. Starting with the large letters, peel the letters and adhere them to the goblets, spelling either the word "brew" or "potion."
  3. Center and adhere small letters above the large ones, spelling the word "witches" or "mummy."
  4. Adhere star stickers randomly around the lettering, positioning them away from the glass rim.
  5. Tie a length of ribbon into a bow around each goblet stem. Trim the ends.

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