11 Ways to Maximize Pumpkin

Can't get enough pumpkin? We're sharing 11 creative ways to get more pumpkin in your life.

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Which Halloween Character Are You?

On October 31, should you patiently wait for the Great Pumpkin, spook the house's new residents, or claim that you ain't scared of no ghosts? Take our quiz…if you dare.

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Outrageous Pumpkins You HAVE to See

These spooky pumpkins are sure to scare up laughs and fun! Get complete DIY carving instructions here.

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Hipster Pumpkin Stencils

Grab your cardigan, pause your cassette tape, and pick a pumpkin that perfectly encompasses your hipster vibe. If you're feeling nostalgic, share this with your friends.

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3-Layer Candy Corn Drink: Perfect for Halloween!

Pretty colors and fruity flavors stand out in this 3-layer drink that looks just like candy corn. Adorable!

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Lazy Girl's Halloween Cupcakes

When you'd prefer to prep for your Halloween party by styling your zombie makeup instead of piping cupcakes, look to GeorgetownCupcake.com for a dozen creepy sweets just in time for All Hallows Eve.

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How to Make Popcorn Balls

Ah, the popcorn ball. Three steps, basic ingredients, and some literal hands-on fun are at the heart of these classic treats that go just as well at a party as at low-key streaming-movie night. Now pop to it!

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Popular in Halloween

Fun Halloween Party Printables and Party Ideas

Plan your party in minutes by letting us do the work for you. From banners to edible ideas to centerpieces, we help you set the stage with delightful downloads designed by our partner, The Celebration Shoppe.


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    • Festive Halloween Party with Printables

      Just print, trim, and assemble to host a Halloween or fall gathering filled with trick-or-treating ghosts, screech owls, friendly spiders, and colorful candy corn. We've got all the free downloads, including cupcake toppers, candy bar wraps, party favors, and more.

      Editor's Tip: The best part about your party is that much of it can be done ahead of time. Look around your home to discover other ways to utilize the printables. For example, you might find pillar candles to be wrapped with the soda bottle labels, and more!

    • Custom Halloween Cookies

      Custom cookie favors without the custom price? We've got the hocus-pocus to make it happen. Package purchased sugar cookies (available at thecelebrationshoppe.com) in a quick-fold envelope as a party favor.

      To make the envelopes: Purchase cellophane bags (typically 4 inches wide) and fit between the free cookie envelope design. Close the bag by punching holes in the bag and threading it with ribbon or with staples.

    • Halloween Party Invitation

      Lucky guests will easily find their way to the party after receiving such a sweetly spooky invitation. Send the invites out three weeks in advance to get maximum attendance -- and to allow time to scare up a costume.

      To make: Print invitation onto white cardstock. On a computer, create the text you want to use for party information on the invitation. Format the text so it will appear within the gray area of the invitation. Run the printed invitations through your printer to overprint the text on the card.

    • Halloween Banner on Mantel

      A pennant-style banner brings the party room to life. Candy corn, ghost, and screech owl motifs -- as well as crisp stripes -- make for an eye-catching mantel.

      To make: Print the flag images onto white cardstock. Trim carefully using a crafts knife and a ruler, or a paper cutter. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to drape from Point A to Point B; the length depends upon where you plan on hanging the finished banner. Arrange the individual flags in the order you want them to appear on the finished banner. Attach the flags to the ribbon with double-sided tape, folding each flag so the top edge flaps over onto the ribbon about 1/4 inch. The top edges of neighboring flags should touch.

    • Ready-Made Halloween Gift Boxes

      Colorful take-home gifts start with plain purchased take-out boxes. You'll add personality with our downloadable images, crepe paper, and ribbon.

      To make: Print images onto white paper. Use a 2-1/2-inch circle punch to cut out background tags. Use a 2-inch scalloped-circle punch to cut out center tags. Attach each center tag to a large background tag with a 3-dimensional adhesive dot.

      Embellish the orange crepe paper strip by using scissors to make 1/2-inch cuts on each side toward the center. Being careful not to cut all the way through the strip, cut lengths of the strip long enough to fit around the middle of the take-out boxes. Adhere a double layer of the snipped crepe paper around each box. Attach one of the completed medallions to the center of the strip at the front of each box.

    • Candy Corn Display

      Tempt mummies, daddies, boys, and ghouls with piles of candy corn in a coordinated Halloween container. Just wrap ribbon around a glass bowl and add one of our downloadable tags.

      To make: Print food label images onto white paper. Trim labels using a ruler and crafts knife, or a paper cutter. Cut a length of ribbon or decorative paper long enough to fit around the candy dish, with enough extra to overlap ends. Wrap the ribbon or paper around the candy dish; secure. Attach a food label to the ribbon or paper.

    • Halloween Candy Bars

      Disguise chocolate candy bars for Halloween by wrapping them in bright paper, then adding one of our coordinated printables.

      To make: Determine the size of the orange paper wrapper by adding 1/2 inch to the height of the original candy bar wrapper. Print tag images on white paper. Use a 2-inch scalloped-circle punch to punch tags. Remove the original wrappers from the candy bars, leaving silver foil liners.

      Wrap trimmed orange paper around each bar. Using the photo as a guide, add more decorations in the form of black crepe paper and striped ribbon or paper. Attach a tag to each bar.

    • Candy Corn Cookies

      Butter cookies (available through thecelebrationshoppe.com) serve as yummy edible decorations, shaped and frosted to resemble ridiculously big pieces of candy corn. You also could bake and frost your own to match the party's look.

    • Halloween Cupcake Ideas

      Festive paper wrappers and coordinating cupcake picks take plain cupcakes to a new level. If you're pressed for time, simply transfer purchased cupcakes into the wrappers. Place on small plates on a tray for serving (and eating) ease.

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      Halloween Sucker Centerpiece

      Fool guests into thinking you spent hours decorating lollipops when you really started with cellophane-wrapped pops and just added a downloadable motif to each one. Display the finished lollipops in clear glass containers filled with white jelly beans.

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      Jelly Bean Halloween Display

      For a fast addition to your dessert table, just attach our downloadable tags to beribboned apothecary jars. Fill at will with your favorite Halloween-hue candy, such as jelly beans.

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      Soda Wraps for Halloween

      Sip's on! Turn orange soda into a favorite fright-night refresher. Just print and trim our screech owl beverage wrappers and attach to soda bottles using tape.

      To make: Print the desired number of bottle labels, and trim the edges using a crafts knife or paper cutter. Allow extra length for overlapping. Cover each bottle's logo with a printed label, using double-sided tape to secure.

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      More Great Halloween Party Ideas

      Keep celebrating with another theme Halloween party, including decorations and party ideas.

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