Details: Groan-Ups' Halloween Party

Halloween isn't just for kids anymore! For a great grown-ups' party, try these simple, easy crafts and recipes.
Buffet Menu & Decor



  • Adam's Ribs
  • Hotter Than Hades Steak and Salsa Bites
  • The Eyeball Assortment:
    --Snake Eyes (Grapes stuffed with sweetened mascarpone cheese, black pepper, and prosciutto)
    --Red Eye Specials (roma tomatoes stuffed with pesto and bocconcini)
    --Here's Lookin' at You (meatballs served in phyllo cups with zesty red sauce)
  • Chicken "Fingers" with Romanian Romesco Dipping Sauce
  • Devils on Horseback: Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp with Spicy Remoulade
  • Devil Dog Redux
  • MisFortune Cookies



Bring the buffet and room to life, as it were, with these simple, special touches. A quick trip to any craft store will yield all the materials you need -- your attic or basement might, too.

  • Spider webs (fake ones) deftly spread over the table, lamps, and windows
  • Spiders (plastic ones), charmingly placed in surprising nooks and on food platters
  • Candles -- make sure to get the drippy kind
  • Mini pumpkins, both white and orange
  • Artificial twiggy vines with small red berries
  • Strings of fake oak or maple leaves spray-painted black and artfully displayed

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