Black Cat Halloween Table Setting

Create a frightful setting for a fun-filled Halloween party.
Pumpkin Plate

This easy-to-craft Halloween table setting includes a pumpkin-faced plate, colorful pumpkin glasses, and black-cat tableware. You can add to the fun with an optional punch bowl and cups project, also in a Halloween theme. The projects are easy enough for the youngsters to lend a hand.

Jack-'o-Lantern Plates

Materials Patterns (see below for download link) 9-inch-diameter orange paper plates 9-inch-diameter clear plastic plates DecoColor paint markers in black and white

Instructions Download and print the pattern for the plate face. Cut out the pattern and tape it facedown on the top of the clear plastic plate. Flip the plate upside down. Outline the design with the black paint marker; let dry. Then, using the white paint marker, fill in the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Remove the pattern from the plate. Let the paint dry completely before stacking the plastic plate over the orange paper plate.

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