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Your Best Photos: Outdoor Decorations for Harvest Season & Halloween

You've haunted your yards with witches and put on a fall display of mums, pumpkins, and hay bales. We've compiled our readers' favorites -- all showcasing the best of Halloween and the harvest season.


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    • Grinning Scarecrow

      Submitted by: four_nichols

      This is one of the most interesting scarecrows we've seen -- its pumpkin face and bright grin enlivens the corner of this garden.

    • Harvest Yard

      Submitted by: judy.scalf

      Grab your jacket -- it looks like a lovely day for an autumn hayride.

    • Fall Wreath

      Submitted by: Angelslonging

      An earthy wreath welcomes harvest, while black flowers and a miniature pumpkin dress it up for Halloween.

    • Standout Scarecrow

      Submitted by: one800nayda

      The scarecrow stands ready to keep annoying flying creatures out of this fall landscape.

    • Hay Bales & More

      Submitted by: ErikaW31469

      This yard displays the bounty of autumn with pretty mums, gourds, and hay bales.

    • Twin Wreaths

      Submitted by: ejredder

      A pair of wreaths offers a harvest welcome and dresses up double doors with the bounty of the season.

    • Mum's the Word

      Submitted by: ErikaW31469

      With miniature ghosts, spiderwebs, mums, and pumpkins, this yard accents the scary of Halloween in the splendor of autumn.

    • Pretty Pomanders

      Submitted by: lmmc3

      The autumn-hue pomander balls hanging from the porch ceiling look beautiful against the home's berry-red trim.

    • Exterior Swag

      Submitted by: kelliekuberski

      The rich fall colors of the swag really pop against the chocolate-brown front door.

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      Double-Duty Decor

      Submitted by: whittens

      Pops of color and hidden horrifying touches (such as a witch in the porch corner) ready this yard for both the fall season and for Halloween.

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      Pumpkins on Parade

      Submitted by: thehurstbunch

      Cartoonlike ghosts and jack-o'-lanterns offer a reprieve from the typical chilling decorations.

    • 12 of 31

      Skeleton Swagger

      Submitted by: thehurstbunch

      This cleverly staged skeleton appears to be crawling out of the grave right before your very eyes.

    • 13 of 31

      Graveyard March

      Submitted by: thehurstbunch

      With zombies crawling out of the ground and gangs of ghouls stalking the grounds, you definitely wouldn't want to be caught here after dark.

    • 14 of 31

      Terrifying Tree Hugger

      Submitted by: thehurstbunch

      This creepy creature is trying to blend in with the tree to catch you off guard.

    • 15 of 31

      Swatched in Spiderwebs

      Submitted by: nana96789

      A crowded graveyard, loads of sticky spiderwebs, and life-size ghouls all add up to one frightening scene.

    • 16 of 31

      Chilling Chef

      Submitted by: nana96789

      What a terrifying tableau: Tall, spooky witch; bubbling cauldron; and life-size casket. Do you think any trick-or-treaters actually made it to the front door?

    • 17 of 31

      Haunted Front Yard

      Submitted by: Squintero

      We love the Gothic look created with ornate, carved tombstones and lots of dark details.

    • 18 of 31

      Keeping a "Witchful" Eye

      Submitted by: pjd15301

      Trick-or-treaters might mistake this witch for the real thing, especially with the black cat keeping a watchful eye on the place.

    • 19 of 31

      Haunted Yards

      Submitted by: rhaller

      And we thought witches only rode on broomsticks. Maybe it's the Wicked Witch of the West out looking for Dorothy.

    • 20 of 31

      Groovy Graveyard

      Submitted by: nana96789

      Twilight shadows cast an eerie vibe over this graveyard display.

    • 21 of 31

      Stylish Cemetery

      Submitted by: nana96789

      This is a well-groomed cemetery -- no spiderwebs in sight -- and the purple rope lights give it fun flair.

    • 22 of 31

      Pirate Theme

      Submitted by: milnerdr

      The scary pirate theme is an unexpected alternative to the standard monsters and ghouls of Halloween.

    • 23 of 31

      Creative Gravestone

      Submitted by: nana96789

      Creative inscriptions are a tombstone must-have. We like the ingenuity here, especially: Robin D. Grave. We also dig the fake (we hope!) snake.

    • 24 of 31

      Tombstone Gathering

      Submitted by: artzy38

      Piles of beautiful fall leaves surround a grouping of fake tombstones. (Or are they real?)

    • 25 of 31

      Friendly Trio

      Submitted by: jhnby770

      This reader's friends look like they waited too long for the cows to come home. See the next slide for an overall view.

    • 26 of 31

      Frightening Yard Art

      Submitted by: jhnby770

      The rickety fence sets the stage for the haunting decorations in this yard.

    • 27 of 31

      Glow for It

      Submitted by: sonosis2002

      Everything -- from the windows to the front stairs -- is orange and glowing. Check out all those carved jack-o'-lanterns on the porch!

    • 28 of 31

      Cemetery Display

      Submitted by: lionskitty

      We found another great tombstone inscription: Noah More.

    • 29 of 31

      Enter If You Dare

      Submitted by: tnunez1679301

      Swirling gray paint makes the perfect backdrop for a Halloween caution sign.

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      More Photos of Readers' Decorations

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