Haunting Halloween Home Makeover

Merri Lemcke, a wife and mother of three children, never dreamed that she would win the grand prize of our X-Scream Makeover Sweepstakes. See our slide show of the home's transformation!

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Xscream Makeover, before
The Lemcke's Home... "Before"

    Merri Lemcke's suburban home the day before Party City's X-Scream Team Invasion. She entered the contest while looking for cookie recipes on the BHG.com Web site!

Early Friday, October 13th

    Merri and her 12-year-old son, Cassidy, being greeted by the X-Scream Team before sunrise on the morning of Friday, October 13th.

Party City's Team Starts the Transformation

    Despite below-freezing temperatures, high winds, and snow and ice showers, the team gets to work on creating the haunted transformation designed by Party City's team of professionals.

Weatherproofed Ghouls

    An X-Scream Team member weatherproofs one of the frightening ghouls who will be greeting the Lemckes' guests this Halloween.

Coffin Preparations

    Crew members prepare a coffin to withstand the cruel elements of the windy and wet graveyard in the front yard.

The Tall 12-Foot Ghoul

    No one in the neighborhood will be able to miss this 12-foot ghoul that is the centerpiece of the gruesome makeover.

Beware the Graveyard

    A skeleton perched on the fence surrounding the graveyard reminds visitors to beware.

One-Day Makeover

    Work continues on the one-day makeover, which required a crew of eight Halloween specialists to travel from Los Angeles, New York City, New Jersey, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Pumpkin Placement

    Well-placed pumpkins that were locally grown by Merri Lemcke's brother add some color and a lighter element to the dark makeover and the dreary day.

Careful with the Cobwebs

    Almost complete, cobwebbing has been carefully placed in every crack and crevice to further enhance the haunted feeling of the ghastly graveyard.

Hauntingly Spooky Weather

    Merri, Cassidy, and Merri's daughter Courtney come out to inspect the progress of the makeover and are surprised at how much has been done in such a short time and in such difficult weather conditions.

Open Casket

    The occupant of the open coffin, a skeleton, warns visitors that the Lemcke residence is no ordinary house.

Fog, Lights, Action!

    At dusk the Party City X-Scream team puts the finishing touches on the makeover. A fog machine, black light, and red light bulbs are added to make sure that visitors can see the chilling transformation whether they visit at night or during the day.

Dusk Falls...

    With the sun down, all the ghouls are out and ready to play. Local residents are already driving by to witness the results of the horrifying makeover.

Welcome Little Goblins

    The transformation is complete and a terrifying success. The Lemckes, who normally get about 600 trick-or-treaters, are expecting over 1,000 ghouls, goblins, witches, and vampires to grace their welcoming doorstep this Halloween.

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