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New ideas for ghosts, pumpkins, bats, and more. Find ideas for all the "fright" stuff you need to make over your home (inside and outside) this Halloween.

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Scrapbook Paper Pumpkins
Pretty Paper Pumpkins

    This stylish pumpkin decoration can be put together in minutes from strips of scrapbook paper. Cut 1-inch strips of patterned paper, form the strips into a circle as shown, and attach using a brad at both the top and the bottom. Hot-glue a wine cork to the top for the pumpkin's stem, and add a green felt leaf and some curled black pipe cleaners to finish the decoration.

Tangled Web

    Have the kids help weave a web of intrigue this Halloween with a tangled orb of black yarn. A handful of orange spiders scatter across the surface and accent the web.

Dare to Enter

    Set a frightening scene with an ominous gate that's fit for keeping out trespassers. Create the illusion of the structure by cutting the shape from a roll of black paper. Download our free pattern and enlarge at a copy shop (our gate is approximately 36 inches high). Cut a piece of black paper long enough to accommodate both sides of the gate and fold in half. Line up the edge of the pattern with the folded edge of the black paper. Trace the pattern onto the black paper. Working on a cutting surface, cut through both layers using a crafts knife. Unfold the gate cutout and adhere to the wall with temporary adhesive.

    Note: You may need to cut extensions for the pickets (vertical components) depending how tall you want your gate. Use a yardstick to cut pieces the same width as the pickets in your enlarged pattern.

Creepy Critter

    A mini pumpkin is the perfect size for making a scary spider. Paint the pumpkin and stem with black acrylic paint, adding a second coat if necessary; let dry between coats. Bend eight chenille stems into spider legs, and glue four to each side of the pumpkin. Let dry and reshape as necessary. Glue two googly eyes to the pumpkin. For the mouth, cut a tiny circle from white crafts foam, and glue it below the eyes.

Treat Tree

    Invite kids to help themselves to these mini treat buckets perched on an eerie black tree. Simply "plant" branches, painted black, into a bucket of sand or potting soil, and cover the surface with dried moss. Fill purchased mini containers with treats, making sure they're light enough so the branches remain upright.

Witching Hour

    Hang a whimsical felt-covered witch hat on your front porch. Paint a papier-mache witch hat with black acrylic paint; apply two to three coats, allowing paint to dry between coats. Cut small strips of orange felt to resemble witch hair, and glue strips to the inside rim of the hat with crafts glue. Cut out circles from purple and orange felt; glue them to the hat. Pierce a hole through the top of the witch hat. Knot a piece of fishing line and thread through the hole to hang.

On the Menu

    Serve a scary centerpiece for your next Halloween feast. Paint an artificial pumpkin with white acrylic paint; let dry. Use a black paint pen to draw on a web: first draw the vertical lines (follow the veins of the pumpkin), then draw scalloped horizontal lines as shown. Adhere spider webbing to the top of the pumpkin and plastic spiders to the sides using crafts glue. Place the finished pumpkin on a cake pedestal and surround with greenery. Drape the spiderweb onto the table and scatter plastic spiders around the base of the cake pedestal for extra creepiness.

Fright on the Fridge

    This skeleton makes no bones about chillin' on your fridge. Download our free pattern and print onto white paper. Cut out the pieces and glue them onto thick black cardstock; cut out, leaving a small border of black cardstock around the pieces. Add self-adhesive magnet strips to the back of each piece and arrange on the refrigerator.

Winged Invasion

    You'll fly through putting this bat centerpiece together. Download our free bat pattern, cut out, and trace onto black cardstock. Cut out the bats. Cut black chenille stems to different lengths so the bats will be at different heights. Tape one stem to the back of each bat. Place a piece of dry florist's foam inside a hollowed out pumpkin, and stick the stems into the foam; arrange so bats appear to fly out of the pumpkin. See the next slide for instructions for the table runner.

Bat's So Cute!

    These cute little guys are made from old socks.

Eyes See You

    Turn trees into mysterious lawn creatures. Cut circles out of fluorescent-green crafts foam, draw pupils with a black marker, and adhere them in pairs to a tree using double-stick tape.

Mummies Love Candy

    Make a spooky candy dish with plastic water bottles, gauze, and googly eyes.

Peeking Through the Window

    Black paper silhouettes in a window look cool -- and they're easy to make. Download our free patterns, and enlarge them to desired sizes. Cut out the patterns and trace onto heavy black paper. Then cut out the black silhouettes and tape inside your windows for a haunting effect.

Spell It Out

    Greet your Halloween party guests with this easy banner. Print out the letters to spell "Happy Halloween" in a fun font on your computer (try Chiller, or do an Internet search for free fonts to download). Cut out the letters and trace onto black cardstock; cut out. Use a grommet tool (available at crafts stores) to add grommets to the top points of the letters. (Some letters will require more than one grommet.) String the letters onto a length of black ribbon, tying the ends into bows. Add black and orange ribbon to each end and tack the banner to the wall.

Nose Job

    Instant facelift -- set your pumpkin on its side and have the stem be the nose.

Candy Corn Tree

    Halloween sweets serve as the muse for this project. This bright topiary gets its candy corn look from poster board, rickrack, and a dowel.

Halloween Pizzazz Lampshade

    Makeover a plain white lampshade for Halloween with trims in classic black and orange. Use repositionable double-side tape instead of crafts glue to adhere the embellishments if you plan to use the lampshade post-Halloween. (See the next slide for instructions on how to make the eerie picture.)

Freaky Faces

    Swap the photos currently on your walls for scary looks at Halloween. Photocopy old black-and-white photos (we used a photo of author Edgar Allen Poe) and attach googly eyes to the photo. Place the doctored photo in an inexpensive frame with a painted mat. Hang a gallery of scary prints, such as ghosts, witches, goblins, and zombies.

Flower Power

    Give a pumpkin a frilly makeover with autumnal flowers.

Candlelight Message

    See your nighttime festivities in a new light by spelling a seasonal message on glass pillar candleholders. Wrap the outsides of the glass pillars with colored tissue paper and secure with tape. Adhere a 2-inch stick-on vinyl letter (available at office supply or crafts stores) to each pillar to form a word.

    As an extra treat, embellish a goody bag with a spider made from a black pom-pom and chenille stems.

Owl Guardians

    Stake out this wise trio of owls on your property to guard against the mischievous ghouls and goblins that come lurking during the Halloween season.


    Make a menagerie of colorful cats to line your stoop. Use bright colors to paint the pumpkins. Create ears by cutting triangles out of colorful cardstock and taping them to toothpicks. (Leave enough room at the bottoms of the toothpicks so you can poke them into the pumpkins to hold the ears in place.) Roll the pumpkins on their sides and paint face details. Poke the ears in place once the paint is dry.

Hangin' Around

    Bend thick wire (or clothes hangers) into handles and use them to hang small jack-o'-lanterns on shepherd's hooks along an outdoor path.

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