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Natural Fall Table Setting

Use ginkgo leaves, crab apples, and wheat when decorating for your next fall get-together.


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    • Stylish Silverware Holder

      Transform a glass oval container filled with white rice into a custom silverware holder. Tie sets of silverware together with ivory satin ribbon for an elegant look.

    • Gourd Centerpiece

      Fill a small glass bowl with pumpkin seeds. Top with white and yellow gourds for a natural centerpiece.

    • Simple Wheat Centerpiece

      Keep neutral, autumn colors abundant with an understated centerpiece. Fill a skinny vase with tall stalks of wheat found at a crafts store or a farmer's market. Keep the stalks to a minimum for a light and airy feel.

    • Crab Apple Centerpiece

      Fill a tall glass votive holder with 1 inch of dried white beans. Sprigs of crab apples or other yellow berries make an ornamental addition to the table.

    • Beautiful Milkweed Table Topper

      Milkweed pods are a stunning centerpiece when placed in a tall glass vase. Surround the vase with white and yellow gourds, and place them all in a shallow basket. Set this on a side table to draw attention to the beauty surrounding the meal.

    • Bundled Grassy Gourd

      Line a walkway or steps with this seasonal display. Hollow out a squat white gourd. Bundle fountaingrass, found at local plant nurseries, with twine and secure it in the gourd. If you can't find fountaingrass, any brown ornamental grass will look great.

    • Ginkgo Place Setting

      White plates and tan linen napkins create a crisp and neutral background for bright yellow accents. A mini white pumpkin makes the perfect candlestick holder.

    • Gingko Plate Embellishment

      Dress up a white plate with a square of burlap and a single gingko leaf. Let the ends of the burlap fray for a country look.

    • Pretty Pumpkin Display

      Create an all-white display by grouping elegant white pumpkins. Hollow some out to fill with fountaingrass and wrap others with burlap strips for a chic, natural outdoor scene.

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      Fall Picnic

      For a beautiful and interesting table setting, decorate with fall foliage in natural colors. A table in the backyard or in a dining room dressed in a neutral palette makes for the perfect autumn setting.

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      Newspaper Tablecloth

      Lay newspaper on the table for a rustic (and cheap) tablecloth. Gingko leaves stand stark against the black-and-white paper and look like they fell right from the tree to the table.

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