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Your Best Photos: Kids' Halloween Costumes, 2009

Enjoy Halloween all over again by looking at these trick-or-treaters whose photos were submitted by BHG.com users.


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      Butterfly from mmmcatee

      Why we picked this: With pom-pom butterfly antennae, this first-time trick-or-treater is sure to get some sweet attention.

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      Lion from lkvannortwick

      Why we picked this: This kid looks ready to roar in his lion costume. And check out that wild yarn mane!

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      Shark from barcena3

      Why we picked this: We had to laugh when we laid eyes on this sweet roly-poly shark.

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      Little Stinker from jdittman1676111

      Why we picked this: Somehow, this furry little critter in the grass makes us want to cuddle with a skunk. Yes, she's that cute.

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      Teddy Bear from i>c_paa

      Why we picked this: Could he look any cuddlier? We didn't think so, either.

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      June Bug from creativePeeps

      Why we picked this: June's apronlike wings are perfect for this simple costume.

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      Puppy Jack from kimbernic1

      Why we picked this: We have never seen a kid so excited to be a puppy! His smile is absolutely contagious, and we love his spots.

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      Snow White from lkvannortwick

      Why we picked this: This little girl makes a classic costume extra special with her wavy black locks. The oversize red bow in her hair adds the finishing touch.

    • Characters

      The Pumpkin King from shandee3333800

      Why we picked this: We love his wonderfully frightening face paint! Those hollow eyes and wide grin grabbed our attention right away.

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      Baby Ewok from Julie Thorup

      Why we picked this: This costume was inspired by the baby's "perfectly sweet cheeks and big eyes," then pieced together with different elements of animal-costume patterns. We love the creativity!

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      Man in Yellow Hat & Curious George from estanding

      Why we picked this: This classic duo makes knock-out costumes for two. Baby sister looks ready to live up to the Curious George moniker!

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      Dorothy & Cowboy from tavalon4114054

      Why we picked this: The little dude's cowhide-and-red combo says "howdy." Is that Toto we see in Dorothy's basket? Sure, the pair may not be a common couple, but they sure are cute together.

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      Raggedy Ann from erinmaybanks

      Why we picked this: This darling mop-top is too cute to ignore, and she's got the nose and lips to match her striking hair.

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      Hello Kitty from cochran41

      Why we picked this: It's hard to believe that this kitty costume was handmade -- and that it stayed so sparkling white.

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      Garden Gnome from naysway2002

      Why we picked this: This convincing gnome seems at home in his front-porch garden, and the clever costume looks simple to put together.

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      Jack(son) in the Box from tia84201

      Why we picked this: Why not turn a kid into a life-size version of his favorite toy for Halloween? Besides, as with this costume, our favorite ones are the kind you can make with household items.

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      Princess Leia & R2D2 from aileencook

      Why we picked this: We can hardly believe it, but both costumes are handmade. And there's actually a kid in that R2D2 disguise!

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      Little Pumpkin from sophiebutter

      Why we picked this: This little pumpkin would blend right in with the rest of the patch, if it weren't for those big blue eyes!

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      Blue Witch from csuedial47

      Why we picked this: Her blue-on-blue webby witch costume simply electrifies, and it couldn't go better with those bright eyes.

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      Hippie Dude from starhuntermom

      Why we picked this: Those graffiti pants and handmade protest sign are loud and proud. Peace, dude!

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      Volcano Top from hildyh

      Why we picked this: This kid deserves an award just for getting this intricate costume on and keeping it in one piece!

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      Popcorn from luvinmomx3

      Why we picked this: Is that real popcorn? We think so! And it makes for an original kid's costume that, frankly, makes us a little hungry.

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