Veggies (with pattern)

Your kids may not eat their vegetables, but they can be their vegetables.

What You Need:

Young girl in carrot costume You'll have no trouble locating
your little veggie in this
bright outfit.

  • XL (18-20) orange sweatshirt
  • 1/2 lb. bag of fiberfill stuffing
  • 3 yards green nylon netting or tulle
  • String


1. Download the free how-to illustrations for this project. (Downloading requires free Adobe Acrobat software.)


2. Sever sleeves. Cut off sweatshirt sleeves. Save one sleeve for carrot hat.

3. Cut, stitch sweatshirt. Cut open the shirt's side seams. Lay shirt open, right side down (see Fig. 1 on the downloaded file). To create shoulder pads, fold outside shoulder edge into collar seam. Stuff and stitch. For front and back, fold sweatshirt bottoms into thirds. Fold bottom edges in half again. Stitch each folded bottom edge together.

4. Stuff sweatshirt. Stitch from armhole to bottom cuff (see Fig. 2) and stuff with fiberfill.

5. Cinch carrot. Tie and knot five strings around carrot, front and back. Let strings hang below knots for roots.

6. Create carrot top. Fold netting in half and cut open ends into leaf shapes. Scrunch the netting together and stitch to sleeve cuff (see Fig. 3). Push netting into top of hat, folding material as needed, and stitch folds together. Roll bottom edge over to create a soft cuff.

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