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Popular in Halloween

Space Alien

Turn a sweet-looking child into a space alien in eight easy steps.

What You Need:

This alien is out of this world!
  • A swimming cap or cone-head cap
  • Pillow stuffing (if using a soft cap)
  • Spirit gum
  • Soft nose putty
  • Cotton balls and powder puffs
  • Eyelash adhesive (white latex -- dried clear)
  • Face paint or rubber-mask greasepaint (green, black, and yellow)
  • 2 straws
  • Adhesive remover
  • Small, inexpensive paintbrush
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Makeup sponges
  • Blow dryer
  • Translucent powder


Mark a line for applying the spirit gum.

1. Pin back the hair on the top of the child's head. Apply makeup or face paint to the cap before putting the cap on. Place the cap well below the hairline, and mark a line for applying the spirit gum. If necessary, cut the cap to fit around the ears and the back of the neck. If the cap is too big, make a fold in the back, glue it with spirit gum, and paint on a cool design later.

Stick the cap on with spirit gum.

2. Apply the spirit gum along the marked line. Then tap it several times with your finger to make it tacky. Rub powder on your fingers if they get too sticky. Put the cap back on, stuffing it if necessary.

Make alien eyebrows with cotton.

3. To form the alien eyebrows, paint and tack spirit gum over the entire front edge of the cap and the eyebrow line. Add small ridges with thin pieces of cotton balls. Mold long rolls of nose putty, and smooth them over the cotton, using petroleum jelly on your fingers.

Paint around the mask.

4. Using a makeup sponge, stipple (gently pat) eyelash adhesive over the putty ridges to make the "skin." Dry the adhesive with a blow dryer until it's clear.

5. Make pointed ears with putty sculpted over spirit gum and cotton. Once again, make the "skin" with eyelash adhesive.

6. Draw areas around the eyes, nose, and mouth that you'll paint black. Using makeup sponges or brushes, paint the face, neck, and ears green. If you use grease paint, apply translucent powder to set the makeup. Next, paint the black areas, and use yellow to make interesting features or highlights on the forehead, head, and ears.

7. Cut tiny slits in the back of the cap, and insert straws for antennae. Use red beads or feathers for the tips.

8. To remove the makeup at the end of your alien's space travels, gently pull off the putty ridges and ears. Use the brushes and cotton balls saturated with adhesive to take off the cap and spirit gum. Cold cream or soap and water will wash off the makeup or face paint. Bringing your alien back to Earth takes time, so don't try to hurry.


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