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Make a Spooky Spider Kid's Halloween Costume

Think of the places a spider must be able to go with eight legs instead of two. What kid wouldn't delight in the prospect!

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What You Need

  • Tracing paper
  • Scissors
  • 2 yards of black broadcloth
  • 2 yards of quilt batting
  • 2 yards of black strapping
  • Black sewing thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • 3 pairs of children's black gloves
  • 2 pairs of children's black knee-high socks
  • 4 yards of 1/4-inch-wide black ribbon
  • Black turtleneck
  • Black leggings or tights
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How to Make It

  1. Referring to the photo for the shape, draw the spider body outline on a piece of paper and cut out.
  2. Using your pattern, cut four pieces from the black broadcloth and two pieces from the quilt batting, all on the fold.
  3. Make the spider body: Place two of the black pieces with right sides together and one piece of quilt batting on the outside of one of the black pieces. Machine-stitch around the edges through all of the layers, leaving an opening for turning. Turn the piece right side out; slipstitch the opening closed. Repeat with the remaining black pieces and quilt batting.
  4. Pin two lengths of black strapping to the top of one of the body pieces, pinning the opposite ends to the second body piece. The straps should connect the front and back body pieces. Have your child try on the costume so you can lengthen or shorten the straps and position them as necessary. Attach the straps by hand-stitching them with black sewing thread.
  5. Using fiberfill, stuff the fingers of four of the gloves and each sock. Slide the foot of each sock into a glove, and hand-sew the sock and glove together.
  6. Make four openings in the side seams of the front body panel large enough for the ends of the socks. The first set of openings should be 12 inches from the top; the second set should be 8 to 9 inches below the first.
  7. Stuff the socks into the openings, and hand-sew the socks to the front body panel.
  8. Using the black ribbon, hand-sew ties to each side of the costume.
  9. Have your child wear a black turtleneck, black gloves, and black leggings or tights to complete the costume.
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