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Real Photos: Kids in Halloween Costumes, 2008

From you, to you. Here are the top Halloween kid costumes picked in 2008.


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    • Animals

      Little Dalmatian from dcarey03

      Why we picked this: This little Dalmatian is dog-gone cute. We adore her necklace, which is shaped as a bone and has her name, "Spot," written on it.

    • Animals

      Cheetah Girl from wpp

      Why we picked this: This little Cheetah looks like she's ready to pounce -- on some Halloween candy.

    • Animals

      Kitty Cat from martin

      Why we picked this: The face paint on this black-and-pink kitty really pulls together the entire costume. We love the pink fur, too!

    • Sweet Costumes

      A Pretty Bride from anonymous

      Why we picked this: This tiny bride looks elegant in a pretty white dress, veil, and long white gloves. Do you suppose she's serving Halloween candy at the reception?

    • Sweet Costumes

      The Tooth and Fairy from jcc

      Why we picked this: This is one of the best costume duos we've ever seen! And we especially love how the fairy's crown is made of toothbrushes.

    • Sweet Costumes

      Sweet Snow White from anonymous

      Why we picked this: Because this little one's shoes are darling! We think the red pattern in Snow White's shoes goes perfectly with her dress.

    • Sweet Costumes

      Pretty Princess from lmaxey

      Why we picked this: We're mesmerized by the subtle, sparkling details in this little girl's light blue dress. Her wand is gorgeous, too!

    • Sweet Costumes

      The Fairy Princess from jnewtown

      Why we picked this: We were bowled over by her long, hot-pink hair and multicolor wings. And what a fabulous grin!

    • Scary Costumes

      A Scary Face from peggy.daugherty1

      Why we picked this: We couldn't believe this was a real little boy at first. His make-up and costume are extra spooky!

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      Scary Costumes

      Unhopeful Cheerleader from Mpath

      Why we picked this: A spin on a typical cheerleader costume, this one is anything but cheery. We like how the bluish tone of her skin reflects the purpose of the costume. Go Zombies!

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      Scary Costumes

      Beetlejuice and His Bride from sfyke

      Why we picked this: We can't decide what we love more -- the little guy's black-and-white suit (and black eyes) or her tattered gray-and-white wedding dress.

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      Scary Costumes

      Werewolf in Florida from kris.gillespie

      Why we picked this: Yikes! We were terrified by this werewolf's long, sharp teeth and glowing eyes.

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      Character Costumes

      A Holiday Chef from l_bar_z_ranch

      Why we picked this: We love how professional this little chef looks in her official jacket and toque (and dimples).

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      Character Costumes

      A Happy Army Man from anonymous

      Why we picked this: Because the camouflage face paint blends perfectly with this little one's military uniform.

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      Character Costumes

      A Little Boxer from vyrios

      Why we picked this: This tough little guy is ready to throw some punches. And Rocky Balboa would surely be jealous of the dazzling blue robe and red boxing gloves.

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      Character Costumes

      Sweet Shortcake from maryenix

      Why we picked this: Strawberry Shortcake couldn't be any sweeter! We love her vibrant pink wig, delightful strawberry hat, and rosy-pink cheeks.

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      Character Costumes

      Little Mermaid from tntscotty

      Why we picked this: We really like this glamorous spin on Ariel from the film "The Little Mermaid." Her sparkling crown and decorative jewelry make this costume exceptional.

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      Character Costumes

      Bunny Brooke and Spiderman Ralphy from kmr351

      Why we picked this: We never thought Spiderman would hang out with a fuzzy pink bunny, but in this photo, they're best friends!

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      Character Costumes

      Tiny Dorothy from anonymous

      Why we picked this: This little girl sports the ruby-red slippers and pigtails just like the real Dorothy. We really like her playful basket.

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      Character Costumes

      Little Red Riding Hood from juzmedarlene812

      Why we picked this: We love how the red-and-white plaid fabric in the basket matches the plaid fabric in her dress. Can the Big Bad Wolf be bought off with apples?

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      Character Costumes

      A Puppet Show from pattydelprete

      Why we picked this: We've never seen a living, breathing marionette before (outside of a Disney movie, that is). And this little guy's oversized hands and feet really made us laugh.

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      Character Costumes

      Dorothy for a Day from vkyln

      Why we picked this: We love her hair! The wavy pigtails really make this little girl look like the real Dorothy. And her vibrant red lips call attention to her great smile.

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      Character Costumes

      Nana's Little Scarecrow from tootsnana1119

      Why we picked this: The details on this costume are truly impressive. We especially love the straw poking out of his sleeves and pants, and the "stitched-on" nose. Cute as can be!

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      Character Costumes

      Go Mario from emmitav

      Why we picked this: This Mario knows what's up. We really like his thick black mustache, floppy red hat, and white gloves, all of which really make this video game character come to life.

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      Witch Costumes

      A Green Nose from sassiechick77

      Why we picked this: This little one's cute-as-a-button green nose stands out from the other witch costumes we've seen. Plus, we really like her bucket, a witch's pot perfect for hoarding candy.

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      Witch Costumes

      Angelic Witch from clairebearsmom2004

      Why we picked this: This pretty orange-and-black dress makes this young witch look awfully angelic. Do you think she's trick-or-treating for eye of newt?

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      Witch Costumes

      Golden Good Witch from clobugzmom

      Why we picked this: We love the golden hue of this witch's dress and hat -- a spin on the classic black dress.

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      Tough-Guy from maf1946

      Why we picked this: Talk about attitude! Drawn-on facial hair, a black eye patch, and a hat with white-trimmed fur all make this pirate look pretty tough.

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      Captain Jack Sparrow from sjriddle7

      Why we picked this: He's only 7, but this boy looks like an experienced pirate in his stringy brown wing, striped bandanna, and boots.

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      A Pirate's Hat from nikkilehman

      Why we picked this: Even a simple pirate's hat can make a little girl happy. We love how she looks like she's having fun even when not in full costume.

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      Robot Costumes

      A Boxed Robot from messymommy

      Why we picked this: Because robot-chic is in this year. And we love how this simple robot costume comes with its own calculator.

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      Robot Costumes

      A Talking Robot from april_abney23

      Why we picked this: Made from cardboard boxes, spray paint, tape, and some imagination, this costume turns a real child into a walking, talking robot.

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