Fairy Princesses

They're beautiful and they've got wings -- what's there for a little girl not to love about fairies?

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All varieties of fairies are a popular dress-up theme for little girls this year. "A fairy costume is like, 'wow!' for little girls because it's got the prettiness of a princess plus wings," says Shari Maxwell, vice president of anniescostumes.com.

Ready to transform your little one into a magical fairy? First, decide what type of fairy look you're after. Two popular options: The traditional frilly, pink fairy or the nature-inspired woodlands fairy. You can find ready-made outfits for each at costumes stores and Web sites such as www.costumeexpress.com and www.anniescostumes.com, or you can assemble a personalized fairy costume from a few items.

You'll need a solid-colored body suit or leotard, matching tights, and a filmy skirt made of a sheer material. Add a pair of wings (you can buy them or craft your own from a sturdy piece of poster board) and a headband. For the traditional fairy, shades of pink and purple are best. For the woodlands fairy, incorporate some colorful autumn leaves by attaching them to the skirt, wings, or headband. Voila! A fairy ready to take flight!

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